If you are a web master or a business owner who already own a website you would probably know that your site needs a web hosting service to allow it to be accessible at all time. This is possible because the service is hosted on a web server which is running around the clock at an Internet Data Center with reliable network connectivity.

You need a decent host to make sure that your website is up and running with good speed at all time. Apart from the speed and reliability, after sales service is also important. You must choose a web hosting provider with 24/7 competent support to ensure that their support team is always available to make sure website online again whenever it is down.

But for whatever reason if you unluckily host your website or a poor provider then it is time to migrate your web to a decent hosting provider as soon as possible to ensure better uptime, better speed, and better technical support. Another common reason for moving to another host is wanting more disk space at a better price. Be sure to read review of a hosting provider thoroughly before deciding to choose the service provider. Steps for migrating hosting service seamlessly are as follows.

1. Find a better hosting provider. Remember that lower price often leads to poorer support.

2. Once you have chosen a hosting package, stop updating your website and begin copying your website and database data to the new host. The hosting provider might assist you for free at this step.

3. At this point do not update the name servers of your domain to the new host yet because you need to check whether the scripts and database on the new server run without any problem.

4. If your site on the new hosting plan works fine then update the name servers of your domain to point to the new server. Do not delete the website and the database data on the old server yet since A DNS change requires up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide. During the propagation some visitors may access your website on the new host but some visitors may access your website on the old host.

5. Once the DNS is fully propagated you may remove all the data in the hosting package of your former provider since every visitors will now access your website on the server of the new hosting provider.