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    Post What are the best VPS companies worldwide that offer Unlimited Bandwidth & Good Specs

    Hi there everyone.

    I am aiming to start up a VPN Company and would like more info on VPS Service providers that offer IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

    It cannot be VPS for Web Hosting. It has to have Shell Access to be able to install OpenVPN.

    I am looking for any company worldwide, big or small. (But obviously relaiable & trustable).

    The VPS Services MUST have UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH for my idea to work.

    The minimum specs I need for the VPS Servers are as follows....

    1 : 1-2 CPU's Minimum (Can be vCPU).

    2 : 2 GB RAM Minimum

    3 : 40 GB Disk Storage Minimum

    I would prefer companies that also have servers available in multiple cities & towns, so that people could connect to my VPN Service at the closest possible location for maximum speeds.

    I currently know of a few smaller companies, but would like to expand my knowledge of other VPS comapnies online worldwide.

    I know of the following that offer Unlimited Bandwidth.....

    1 : Servarica

    2 : OVHCloud

    3 : HosterLabs

    Please comment any info about VPS Companies you may find relevant or helpful.
    Thank You for your reply


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