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    Recommendations for a Conservative web host

    I am seeking recommendations for a Conservative web host please. It is not my intention to offend anyone, nor do I want to engage in a political squabble/debate here... I just don't want to have to worry that either my host or my websites will be shut down because there is Freedom of Expression/Speech on my site(s).

    I have several small websites (combined right now is only about 900k mb in size). I am hoping to find a host that owns their own servers, but a Shared Hosting account is fine. I am wanting to offer a local/community blogging/social-type website and there will be political talk (which can sometimes get crazy!).

    Generally, I am looking for the below features, and hope to keep the cost below $30 a year. I would also like to be on a U.S. or Canadian server - nothing overseas/offshore, please. I am a fairly "easy-keeper" customer, and you'll rarely hear from me. I have a current host that has been awesome for several years, but in these uncertain times lately, I'm not willing to take a chance on going through all the time and effort starting a site up only to get it shut down.

    10 GB diskspace (storage)
    Web Based Control Panel (Cpanel)
    Unlimited POP3/IMAP Accounts
    Unlimited Auto Responders
    Unlimited Email Aliases
    Unlimited Email Forwarders
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Unlimited Sub/Addon Domains
    Access-anywhere Webmail
    Shopping Cart Software
    SSL (Secure Server https://)
    SSI Server Side Includes
    SSH / Telnet
    CGI-BIN and Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
    24/7/365 Tech Support (ticket system ok)

    Potential hosts: if you would rather not answer here (I get it, and understand), please contact me via PM. Thank you.

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    My experience with premium business web hosting solutions is great!
    This host is economical, easy to use, friendly, has good graphics (high priority with me), and most important: they have high quality communication skills.

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    Hosting from and are good and trustworthy enough to sign up with.
    Knowledgeable personnel can be found in tech service which is very solid, don't nickel-&-dime me.

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    What's your hosting budget?

    I absolutely thrilled to be hosting with Cheap Shared Hosting!
    Why choose a different host? All you need is this web host!

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    I do recommend DreamHost. This hosting provider can be a good option for many. Fair prices, solid support and a very generous unlimited policy (for storage and bandwidth) will be remarkably appealing perks for many.

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    I looked at NetShop ISP homepage and got to know they offered Cheap and Fast Web Hosting with Free cPanel & Free Domain.
    So, after several days I contacted them directly, they replied immediately and explained to me what hosting solution I should have bought according to my requirements.

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    As per your budget, you need to go shared hosting provider where you can all the things that you need in your budget. However, the best thing is that going with managed cloud hosting provider that is a little bit costly but the things you get are really excitable and reliable. Let see what you will get while choosing the managed cloud hosting provider.

    - Unlimited servers
    - Unlimited applications
    - Unlimited bandwidth
    - SSL, Migration, backups
    - Different data centers

    and many more features that you can think of!

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    Shared accounts from and are right for meeting the needs of any web master in the IT world.
    Everything is done to make our life easier and it's not too expensive, so I recommend 100%.

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    1,171 will take care of you, as they have me.
    I need to say that they have responsive customer tech support who helped me to transfer all my files to their server.
    They are available 24/7, so I can even call them at midnight. Uptime guarantee is trust - 99.9% (my web site has never been down before).

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