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    How do I connect to my VPS?

    How do I connect to my VPS?

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    After billing your provider provide you all credentials and you can access your VPS Server

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    It depends upon the service which you have. because if you have a Linux VPS hosting service then you can connect the VPS via SSH (Putty connection). or else if you have windows VPS hosting service then you can connect the VPS via Remote desktop connection using the credentials provided by your host.

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    How to connect to your Windows VPS/Dedicated server from Windows system?

    Go to Start menu, select Run, and type mstsc.exe to access remote desktop.

    Type your server IP address and then click on Connect. This will ask for your username and password. For example, Username: administrator. Password: ********

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    It is simple.
    order the VPS
    from windows use PUTTY
    type IPAaddress and after username and password
    from Linux just type
    ssh UserName@IpAaddress
    after password for this username
    By default it is port 22
    That's all

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    It depends if you have full root access to the vps. At philmorehost, you have full root access on all VPS server Plans.

    Download putty.
    Type your ip and ssh port in the box accordingly.
    click on connect.
    enter root and password

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    Open Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the Start button.
    In the search box, type Remote Desktop Connection.
    In the list of results, click Remote Desktop Connection.
    You will now be prompted to enter the IP address of the VPS, which can be found in the "VPS Provisioning Successfully Completed" email we've sent you.

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    Open up a terminal window.
    Use the following command: ssh [enter your IP address here] -l root.
    You may receive a warning message the first time you log in. You can answer "yes" to move forward.
    Enter your password when prompted.

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