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    Post Linux vs Windows Web Hosting: The Decision-Making Guide

    When you think about getting your first web hosting plan, you should choose not only the type of web hosting plan for your website but also the infrastructure, that is, know the difference between Linux vs Windows Web Hosting.

    In this article, you will learn about:

    The importance of knowing the difference between Linux and Windows hosting,

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting? What type of infrastructure is more suitable for you?
    Why is it essential to understand windows hosting versus Linux hosting?

    Some considerations that you should keep in mind with Windows and Linux servers

    How to interact with web hosting plans?
    What type of applications can you use?
    What is the cost you will pay for your hosting plan?
    Integration, security and stability Features

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    Well, difference is in technologies:

    Windows hosting consider IIS web server, MSSQL database server and ASP dot NET server scripts in most cases.
    Linux web hosting consider using of Apache web server, MySQL(or MariaDB) and PHP scripts on server side. In other word LAMP or XAMPP mostly.

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    Linux Hosting

    Applications Requiring Linux Server:
    • SSH
    • PHP/Perl
    • CGI
    • Front page extensions
    • Apache modules requiring applications or scripts.

    Security: Generally, Windows servers are considered more vulnerable than Linux servers, but in reality, it depends more on the setup and hosting system administration than OS.
    Sever Access: FTP access to files is offered by both Windows & Linux. But telnet or SSH access is typically offered by Linux.
    File Names: In Linux, these are case-sensitive. Ex: three.html and Three.html These file names are different in Linux.
    Control Panel: WHM or cPanel is used on Linux shared, reseller, VPS & Dedicated servers.

    Windows Hosting

    Applications Requiring Windows Server:
    • ASP Classic
    • ASP.NET
    • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
    • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
    • C#
    • Visual Basic Development
    • Windows Dedicated Servers support additional Windows applications like MS Exchange & MS SharePoint, but you need to buy a license and install it on your server.

    Security: Typically, Linux servers are more protected. But it relies more on the setup & hosting system management than OS.
    Server Access: Linux and Windows both offer FTP access to files. However, telnet access is offered by fewer hosting providers.
    File Names: For Windows, these are not case sensitive. Ex: two.html, One.html, and TWO.HTML are all the same in Windows.
    Control Panel: Plesk control panel is used on Windows shared & dedicated servers.
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    Best Web Hosting Providers, Managed WordPress, and Shared Hosting Plans & Reseller.

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    I prefer linux website hosting over windows hosting. Linux is more secure than windows

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    Linux and Windows are the two most popular operating systems used by web hosting providers. And both of them can be used for running a website as well. *****

    However, there are many differences between the two and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So before you decide to rent a server, you should carefully decide which operating system will be a better choice for you.

    Verpex offers reseller hosting services to individuals and organizations who wish to host their own web sites. There is no limit to the number of websites that you can host with our reseller hosting services, and we offer continuous support to you.

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