I have a photography website, pnArt.com with hundreds of photos on it arranged in separate galleries by subject. It's implemented in HTML/CSS/javascript. In each gallery there is a grid of thumbnails but the thumbnails are not just a small version of the big picture, and each image displays with a caption and unique background.

The hosting company I was using was sold to a Russian company and I want to keep my operation in the US, so I need two things:

1. A new webhost. They must be based in the US and have their own servers, 24/7 telephone tech support, and a long track record of good service (at least a decade under the same management). I do not need e-commerce, and I am not trying to do this on the cheap, so please, no "free" hosts, etc.

2. I need to hire someone to write me a new website, just like my current one but mobile-friendly. The resulting code should be portable to a new host if this one doesn't work out, which means no proprietary platforms or "site builders". Plain old HTML/CSS/Javascript would be ideal. I've talked to a couple of Wordpress developers who said my current site could be done in WP but performance would be poor because I have large, 9-column galleries. Is that true, because I like my layout and don't want to change it?

Thanks in advance for any tips, etc!