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    What are the different categories of SEO techniques?

    What are the different categories of SEO techniques?

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    These are the pointers which will help you to rank well. Off-page works well if you have optimised your website for on-page also. These 74 steps cover almost everything you implement for the SEO.

    Start monitoring your Website uptime Top Priority
    Optimize your landing pages towards conversion
    Track and follow-up with the goals, KPIs and ROI of your site
    Form and test hypotheses to drive improvements on your site conversions
    Create relevant and attractive content that connect with your audience
    Develop search rankings competitor research
    Optimize Your Local Business with Google My Business
    Develop a link building plan for your Website
    Develop competitor and audience content research
    Verify which sites are mentioning and linking to your site
    Optimize images for your website
    Optimize your pages titles
    Use keywords for internal site links
    Optimize your site internal navigation and links
    Show the same content to users and search engines
    Optimize your existing mentions
    Develop a mobile friendly site version for your site
    Develop an overall SEO process plan
    Develop a keyword research
    Optimize your site local signals
    Measure SEO Progress with the right KPIs and metrics
    Optimize your URLs
    Optimize your site content
    Verify that your site pages are showing the right HTTP status
    Develop a content plan for your Website
    Ensure Your Site Works across popular Browsers, Resolutions and Devices
    Use canonical annotations
    Establish a hierarchically organized site architecture
    Measure the advancement of your Usability and CRO efforts
    Develop a competitive and audience link research
    Optimize your site speed performance
    Optimize international sites to target different countries and languages
    Submit your business to locally targeted data aggregators
    Optimize your 404 Error Page
    Show the right mobile version to the relevant device
    Show the same content to mobile users and search bots
    Have a clear and easy to use navigation system
    Optimize Frames & iFrames Usage
    Optimize any Flash Usage
    Develop an overall social media marketing plan
    Engage and promote within your Facebook presence
    Engage and promote within your Google+ presence
    Engage and promote within your LinkedIn presence
    Use Metadata and Markup to stand out in Search Results
    Generate XML Sitemaps featuring your site content
    Optimize your site paginated pages
    Encourage reviews, links and referrals from customers and clients
    Optimize your existing external links
    Establish guest blogging collaborations with relevant industry blogs
    Obtain links by covering and attending to your industry's events
    Grow the engagement from your community
    Establish and measure your site Social KPIs and Conversions target
    Add a conversion form to maximize customer retention
    Establish and measure your site Mobile KPIs and Conversions target
    Establish and measure your site Local KPIs and Conversions target
    Get in touch and develop visibility with your sector influencers
    Analyze the gathered metrics to improve the conversion of the site
    Register your domain for additional years and buy top country extensions
    Optimize the content of your mobile version
    Utilise Meta Robots Tags on individual site pages
    Link your authorship and publisher pages with Google+
    Keep a Consistent Layout Throughout Your Website
    Optimize the usage of interstitials and splash pages

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    So, the various SEO types are:
    Technical SEO.
    On-Page SEO.
    Content SEO.
    Off-Page SEO.
    Local SEO.
    Mobile SEO.
    eCommerce SEO.

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    Technical SEO.
    On-Page SEO.
    Content SEO.
    Off-Page SEO.
    Local SEO.
    Mobile SEO.
    eCommerce SEO.

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    There are three types of SEO you need for a well-rounded organic search strategy: on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. By breaking down your strategy and thinking about SEO as these three categories, it will be much easier to organize and execute your optimization plans.

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    Focus on User Experience. Our first expert is Brian Dean of Backlinko. ...
    Overhaul Your “Almost” First Page Posts. ...
    Tap the Potential of Video. ...
    Rank for Featured Snippets. ...
    Create Comprehensive, Authoritative, Evergreen Content. ...
    Maximize User Engagement. ...
    Optimize for Voice Search. ...
    Focus on Mobile-First Indexing.

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    There are two types of SEO.

    On page SEO - It is the process of Search Engine Optimizations where you need to add meta tag in your website after that go for adding tools.

    Off page SEO - It is the process of create backlinks as well as build traffic to any website through this way we can get good traffic from elsewhere.

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