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eNlight IoT- the best-in-class Cloud-based IoT platform has transformed the communications & interactions taking place between the user devices. eNlight IoT provides a secure channel for interaction to take place between Cloud applications and other devices. It hosts and supports a diverse range of devices, resulting in easier processing and routing messages to nearby devices.

All the solutions running on eNlight IoT are created with MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) and Restful API Protocols.

How eNlight IoT Works

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eNlight IoT Architecture

IoT devices present all over India connect with eNlight IoT platform with the help of using data collectors available at 4 Metro Cities
Data Collectors at Metro Cities results in faster connectivity and lower latency taking place between eNlight IoT and user IoT devices
IoT devices connected to the nearest data collector has the shortest network path
Low data latency to Cloud causes faster decision-making & analytics

Features of eNlight IoT
Device Connection Management- With eNlight IoT, users can connect their devices to a Cloud platform and nearby devices. Its small code footprint and lower bandwidth requirements make the best-in-class for IoT and M2M communications.
Secure Device Connection and Data Transfer- eNlight IoT provides authentication and access control along with end-to-end encryption taking place across multiple connection points. The data of devices can be securely accessed using access tokens.
Real-time Data Management- eNlight IoT allows users to collect, filter, and transform their device data dynamically, based on their customizable business rules. These rules are flexible and can be updated for implementing new devices and application features at any point of time.
Rich Data Analytics & Insights- With eNlight IoT, users can collect, visualize and analyze their devicesí data on the ESDS IoT dashboard. User data can be visualized using graphs and multiple widgets.

eNlight IoT Use Cases
1.Monitoring of Data Center Environment
eNlight IoT environment monitors devices and detects temperature, humidity, or presence of water at the Data Center locations. It also constantly monitors the physical environment of the userís IT Infrastructure.

2.Vehicle Solutions
eNlight IoT is the right solution for vehicles as it detects fuel status, vehicleís battery condition, and vehicle location, to name a few. Using eNlight IoT solution, the owner of the car remains stress-free regarding his surroundings while driving.

3.Health Care
eNlight IoT has several applications in the healthcare industry, ranging from remote monitoring to smart sensors & integration of medical devices. With eNlight IoT, patients can be kept safe and healthy and also, the delivery care of physicians can also be improved. IoT in healthcare can boost patient engagement and satisfaction levels by spending time in quality interaction with the medical service providers.

4.Smart Cities and Smart Home Solutions
Addressing the growing demands of cities and their governing bodies, IoT devices are being extensively used for a wide array of uses. With IoT, the governing bodies of a city are able to enhance their services, reduce overhead costs and improve communication channels.
The smart home application of IoT devices allows users to create customizable control rules for increased security and efficient management of energy resources.

5.Industrial IoT (IIoT)
eNlight IoT allows enterprises to collect, aggregate and analyze data collected from sensors for maximizing machine efficiency and the overall throughput of an organization. eNlight IoTí uses in Industries include- motion control, predictive maintenance, smart energy, big data analytics, and smart & connected medical ecosystem.