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    How to connect to my windows vps by rdp?

    This article will explain how to establish an RDP Connection to your Windows VPS server. You can easily connect to Windows VPS with RDP. This functionality to remotely connect to another computer is embedded into the Windows Operating system.
    Windows allows you to use VPS hosting to log in to the server as an administrator. Therefore, you can access a huge number of functionalities and make lots of changes to the server. You can easily configure and connect to your Windows VPS using RDP. So, first, activate your Windows VPS to find all these features right at the end of this tutorial.

    After activation of a Windows VPS server, it takes 15 to 40 minutes to load the Operating System for the first time. Then you can connect to the VPS server with Windows Remote Desktop Connection. On Apple devices, including iPads and iPhones, you can install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. On Linux, you can use Remmina Remote Desktop Client or similar software. On Android, you can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client.
    Please follow these steps to connect to Windows VPS with RDP (This guide is for Windows users. However, other operating systems or devices work similarly.)

    4 Steps to Connect to Windows VPS with RDP

    1. Check your email inbox and look for an email from RouterHosting containing the login details for logging into your server.
    2. Now open the Remote Desktop Connection software.
    3. Enter the IP address (a four-part address number similar to which you have received in the email. (Please make sure you have waited for 20 to 40 minutes before your attempt to connect to the server.)
    4. Click Connect, and a Window like below will pop up. Now, enter your username and password (which you have received in the email) and press Ok.
    Congratulations! You now are connected to your Windows VPS via Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Connection). Now you can use your VPS machine just like your own computer and run any software you wish. Your server can be on and online 24/7. If you are running a program on it, then make sure you do not log off, just disconnect the remote connection.

    Most people connect to Windows VPS by RDP for browsing websites like Amazon and eBay for shopping or visiting banned sites. You can also use a Windows VPS as a VPN and set up a virtual private network.
    Another use case of Windows VPS can be for:

    • Proxy
    • Gaming
    • Mine Craft Server
    • Forex VPS
    • File Sharing Between Your VPS and PC
    • Downloading Large Files to Your Desktop
    • Windows Web Server
    • Windows VPS Back-up
    • Managing Audio or Video Files
    • Application Testing for Developers
    • SEO Tools
    • Windows VPS for Forum Posting
    • Automation of Software
    • Running Scheduled Emails
    • Automatic Twitter Follower

    Connecting to Windows VPS is similar to connecting to other Windows devices and interfaces. On the other hand, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol that allows users to connect to Windows VPS or Dedicated Servers.
    You can directly access the VPS from a remote location. In this tutorial, we explained how to connect to Windows VPS by Remote Desktop. But notice that, Remote desktop connections are available for dedicated servers or Windows VPS. If you are Windows Shared hosting user, you can not connect to the hosting server.

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    Thanks for sharing the informational answer on this forum. It is very useful and informational and easy to understand.

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    There is a lot of useful information on the forums that simplifies people's lives. I recently needed to activate Windows 11 on my computer and was searching for a more affordable option. I stumbled upon the key for Windows 11 on Reddit and was amazed by the amount of useful information available on the forums. With the help of some forum members, I was able to find a cheaper way to activate my operating system. I'm grateful for the knowledge and support.
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    It's always handy to have clear instructions for setting up remote connections, right? Reminds me of when I first tried setting up RDP for work - it was a bit daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it, it made remote access a breeze.

    By the way, speaking of Windows, stumbled upon this link: Might be worth exploring if you're ever considering an upgrade for your VPS or other devices.
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    Here is how to connect to your Windows VPS by RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol):

    1. Access Remote Desktop Connection:

    Windows: Search for "Remote Desktop Connection" in the Start menu or search bar.
    Mac: Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.

    2. Enter Server Details:

    In the "Computer" field, enter your VPS's hostname or IP address.

    3. Connect and Authenticate:

    Click "Connect."
    Enter your username and password for your VPS account with RDP access.
    Click "OK" or "Connect."

    4. Additional Option:

    Click "Show Options" for advanced settings like screen resolution and connection quality.
    You can choose to save your credentials for easier future connections.


    Ensure RDP access is enabled on your Windows VPS (check with your hosting provider if unsure).
    You'll need a stable internet connection for a smooth RDP experience.

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    Oryon Networks can help you tap into your Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) remotely using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). RDP is a handy tool that lets you control your VPS desktop just like you would your own computer, from anywhere with an internet connection. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

    1. Launching Remote Desktop Connection:

    On your Windows PC, access the Start Menu and search for "Remote Desktop Connection." Alternatively, press the Windows key and type "mstsc" followed by Enter.

    2. Entering VPS Information:

    In the Remote Desktop Connection window, locate the "Computer" field. This is where you'll enter the IP address assigned to your Windows VPS by Oryon Networks. You can find this IP address in your VPS control panel information.

    3. Connecting and Logging In:

    Once you've entered the IP address, click "Connect." A login window will appear. Here, enter the username and password Oryon Networks provided for your VPS access.
    Optional Settings (Show Options):

    You can click "Show Options" for more advanced settings. Oryon Networks might recommend specific settings for optimal performance, so consult their documentation if needed. Generally, it's safe to leave the defaults for most users.

    4. Taking Control:

    If the credentials are correct, you'll be connected to your Windows VPS desktop! You can now interact with your VPS as if you were sitting right in front of it.
    Using Oryon Networks for Support:

    If you encounter any difficulties during this process, don't hesitate to reach out to Oryon Networks' support team. They can assist you with troubleshooting connection issues or answer any questions you might have about using RDP with your Windows VPS.

    Additional Tips:

    For enhanced security, consider enabling two-factor authentication on your VPS login, if offered by Oryon Networks.
    Remember to log out of your VPS session when you're finished to maintain security and avoid unauthorized access.
    By following these steps and leveraging Oryon Networks' support, you'll be remotely accessing your Windows VPS in no time, allowing you to manage and utilize its resources from any location with an internet connection.

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