With ESDS, get faster, reliable, and regular backups ensuring high-performance servers. With a commitment to ensure business, ESDS delivers Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions backed by advanced technologies. ESDS Best-in-Class Backup and Recovery Solutions deliver bit-level, disk-based protection rather than backing up individual files, ensuring recovery of every file, database, and entire user account.

Why ESDS Backup & Recovery?

Regular Backups

With regular backups from ESDS, business continuity and 100% uptime even after disasters have been the reality for the business arena. ESDS Backup and Recovery Solution deploy replication and synchronization across the entire network for protecting the disk data. Timely snapshots are stored on disk-based storage, allowing faster recovery of data from any crash, hardware failure, or any form of disaster.

Faster Backups

ESDS bypasses the file system level to ensure business continuity and backups. ESDS reads the hard disk volumes through the expertise business continuity solution offered at the sector level. Using the disk sector synchronization, ESDS makes sure there are zero interruptions to other I/O requests irrespective of the server's status (busy or online).

Reliable Backups

ESDS, through its reliable backup solution, ensures multiple restoration points and complete management control for delivering protection of the entire system and server backups.

What Value ESDS Offers

1.High-Performance Backups

Replicating data to disk-based storage reduces the backup time from hours to minutes, reducing the server load impact.

2.Central Backup Repository

The central backup repository helps in eliminating the need for any extra hardware when working on the existing TCP/IP network infrastructure.

3.Portable Backup Solutions

The portable backup solution allows the disk's migration to a new location by copying it on a USB drive or any external portable solution. These backups can be easily moved to newer locations.

Multiple Point Replication

The multi-point replication of backed-up data creates multiple replicas of servers, both on-site and off-site ensuring redundant copies of recovery points.

4.Bare-Metal Recovery

The Bare Metal Restore is a high-performance alternative for the restoration of individual files, bypassing the file system and streams block directly to disk, allowing faster recovery of large files.

5.Web Interface

The web interface allows users to browse, download and restore files across all the recovery points. Also, it allows the live tracking of detailed progress of restoration and recovery.

6.High Data Retention

Users can define a CDN replication goal after a given fixed interval of time. Later the recovery points can be defined for retaining where the old recovery points are automatically merged for restoring the storage.

7.Protection for MySQL and MS SQL databases

The advanced system allows backing up of MySQL and MSSQL databases by offering a minimal disk I/O load and impact using Continuous Data Protection.

Backup Plans

1.Backup Space: 100 GB

Monthly Cost: Rs.599.00
Quarterly Cost: Rs.1695.00
Half-Yearly Cost: Rs. 3360.00
Annual Cost: Rs.6900.00

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2.Backup Space: 250 GB

Monthly Cost: Rs.1050.00
Quarterly Cost: Rs.3075.00
Half-Yearly Cost: Rs. 6120.00
Annual Cost: Rs. 12180.00

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3.Backup Space: 500 GB

Monthly Cost: Rs.1750.00
Quarterly Cost: Rs.5175.00
Half-Yearly Cost: Rs. 10320.00
Annual Cost: Rs.20580.00

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2.Backup Space: 1 TB

Monthly Cost: Rs.2650.00
Quarterly Cost: Rs. 7875.00
Half-Yearly Cost: Rs. 15720.00
Annual Cost: Rs. 31380.00

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Leverage Enhanced Backup and Recovery from ESDS for Uninterrupted Business Continuity

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