Business heads are finding it challenging to manage their critical data’s security due to the increased number of cyberattacks and breaches. Such attacks and breaches result in huge monetary and non-monetary losses to a business organization. However, this business-critical data can become the potential target of cyberattacks and breaches in the absence of a robust cybersecurity policy. With ESDS’ Managed Security Services, businesses can focus on their growth areas, and ESDS’ experienced cybersecurity professionals ensure complete security of web applications and data against online threats and vulnerabilities.

ESDS SOC Services

ESDS SOC Services offer a complete 3600 protection against various digital and cyber threats and risks on an OPEX model managed by an experienced SOC Team. ESDS” experts ensure highest data security and privacy as the business-critical data and applications are hosted within Indian geographic boundaries.

With ESDS SOC Services, you can avail the following benefits with top-notch security-

1. Complete Security Coverage
2. Detailed Insights on Threats and Vulnerabilities
3. Cost-Effective Security Offerings
4. Industry-compliant Services and Solutions
5. 24x7 Exuberant Support

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ESDS eNlight WAF

eNlight WAF is an intelligent, Cloud-based web application firewall that allows users to quickly segregate incoming and outgoing web traffic. With eNlight WAF, users can create customized rules for blocking online web-based attacks. It also offers enhanced protection to user websites and web applications against OWASP Top-10 and other vulnerabilities.

Value-Added Benefits of eNlight WAF

By deploying the eNlight WAF Solution, you entitle yourself with the following advanced set of benefits-

1. Auto-Scalable WAF Solution

ESDS’ Patented Cloud platform, eNlight Cloud, backs eNlight WAF and scaling the resources as per the incoming demand.

2. Enhanced Protection

Auto-protection secures user web applications & websites against OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities and other online threats.

3. Cost-Effective WAF Deployment

With eNlight WAF, there is no need to purchase any additional expensive hardware or application.

4. Increased Protection Against Browser Hacking

eNlight WAF allows users to terminate their SSL connections by incurring minimal overheads or extra latency. WAF policies can be easily applied to SSL connections.

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