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    what is NoFollow And DoFollow?

    what is No-Follow And Do-Follow?

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    Nofollow Links are the links which instructs the search engine crawlers to not crawl the link and it doesn't pass the link juice.
    Dofollow links are the links which instructs the search engine crawlers to crawl the link and it also pass the link juice.

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    NoFollow and DoFollow Links:

    DoFollow: These links allow search engines to follow them and pass link equity, positively impacting search rankings.

    NoFollow: These links instruct search engines not to follow them, preventing the transfer of link equity. They are often used for user-generated content or to indicate sponsorships, ensuring search engines don't endorse the linked content.

    In essence, DoFollow links contribute to SEO, while NoFollow links are used for various reasons, such as user-generated content moderation or compliance with advertising disclosure requirements.

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    DoFollow tells search engines the link is a valuable resource that provides additional information about the content of the page. They pass link value.

    NoFollow are links the site owner indicates is linked as a reference to another site or entity but not a valuable resource about the content of the page. They pass little to no link value.
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