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    What are the features of JavaScript?

    What are the features of JavaScript?

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    JavaScript language consists of several different features. Some of the general JavaScript features are as follows –

    1. Validating User’s Input
    JavaScript is very useful while using forms. It has the capability to validate user input for errors and also saves time. If the user leaves a required field empty or the information is incorrect, JavaScript checks for them before sending the data over to the server.

    2. Simple Client-side Calculations
    Since JavaScript is a client-side technology, it can perform basic calculations on the browser. The browser does not need to ask server time for every task. This is especially helpful when a user needs to perform these calculations repeatedly. In these cases, connecting to the server would take a lot more time than performing the actual calculations.

    3. Greater Control
    JavaScript provides greater control to the browser rather than being completely dependent on the web servers. JavaScript provides various browsers with additional functionalities that help reduce server load and network traffic.

    4. Platform Independent
    Since browsers interpret JavaScript, it solves the problem of compilation and compatibility. Thus it can run on Windows, Macintosh, and other Netscape-supported systems. Also, it is possible to embed them in any other script like HTML that keeps JavaScript into use.

    5. Handling Dates and Time
    Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript has built-in functions to determine the date and time. Thus it is very easy to code only by using methods like .getDate().

    6. Generating HTML Content
    JavaScript has very handy features to dynamically generate HTML content for the web. It allows us to add text, links, images, tables, etc after an event occurrence (eg – mouse click).

    7. Detecting the User’s Browser and OS
    JavaScript is very capable in the detection of the user’s browser and OS information. Though JavaScript runs on every platform, there may occur a situation where we need the user’s browser before processing. This can be helpful for writing code that results in different outputs in different browsers.

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