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    Lightbulb The 404 Pages!!! Why and How?

    Three possible causes of the 404 Pages

    Ever meet 404 pages before? If you are struggling with 404s, here are 3 possible causes, follow the step to check your 404s:

    Most people use Chrome, Firefox, Safar, and IE as the default browsers. These might be the causes of the 404 problems:
    It is possible that you had visited this website before and the cookies went wrong. Go to ‘setting’ -> ‘Cookies’, and clear all the cookies.
    Go check the Proxy setting, it is usually used to break the restricted website, but it might also cause problems browser the regular website. If you are using pc from your office, please go to your MIS to do it. To cancel the Proxy setting, go to the control panel, click Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings, the proxy setting should be there and you can just unclick it.

    DNS setting
    If you own the website and have the authority to edit the setting, please check if your DNS is correct. You can go to DNSstuff to check if it is correct or not.
    Enter your website address into the DNS report, if there is any mistake, there will be an error message shown below. If you haven’t set the DNS yet, a massage “Work in progress!” will be shown.

    Firewall and IP blocking
    Firewall from office
    Some companies will set a firewall to block specific IPs for security reasons. You can test it with a cellphone, if your phone can browse the website normally when your office pc can’t, then there is a big chance that the website was blocked by the office firewall or the IP of the office has been blocked.
    Firewall of the web hosting
    The web hosting providers might set up firewalls to protect you from brute-force attacks, if you fail to log in too many times, the firewall will lock up the hosting, and you will have to contact your provider for help.

    The above self-checking ways can help reduce up to 80% of the 404s problems, if you see one of those next time to browse, try it!
    Hope these tips work for you sometimes.

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    The typical trigger for an error 404 message is when website content has been removed or moved to another URL. There are also other reasons why an error message could appear. These include:

    The URL or its content (such as files or images) was either deleted or moved (without adjusting any internal links accordingly)
    The URL was writtenincorrectly (during the creation process or a redesign), linkedincorrectly, or typed into the browser incorrectly
    The server responsible for the website is not running or the connection is broken
    The requested domain name can’t be converted to an IP by the DNS.
    The entered domain name doesn’t exist (anymore)

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    404 pages are pages which don't exist on the site. These pages are usually automatically generated when the web page is requested, but that web page can't be found.

    This is an error page. But in some cases, the site owner may wish to display some custom content when the page isn't found. Though it can be done using PHP, but it is better to use 404 error page builder plugin as it will give you the freedom to customize the pages. I have used this one and it looks very good.

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