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    PPC promotions like Google Ads are paid internet based ads which show up close to pertinent pursuits and other substance on the web. Running a Google Ads crusade doesn't help your SEO rankings, notwithstanding a few legends and cases. Be that as it may, PPC advertisements can be useful in interfacing with a more extensive crowd on the web.

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    Many marketers use marketing methods like search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads to help drive traffic and leads for their business.

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    I will not say SEO is better than google ads as they both comes with advantages & disadvantages.

    SEO Benefits:
    It is totally free
    Long term result
    Brand Awareness
    24/7 Promotion
    Credibility and trustworthiness

    PPC Benefits:
    You are having full control over it
    PPC is trackable
    Instant Results

    you have to decide what you want to achieve in what time.

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    Key PPC vs. SEO take-aways
    Improvements to SEO can help your website rank higher on Google Search by making it more relevant to users, while PPC ads like Google Ads are paid online advertisements which allow businesses and website owners like you to bid on the chance to show an ad next to searches on

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    Whether SEO vs. Google Ads is better for your marketing campaign depends on your business’s goals.

    SEO works best if you’re looking to generate a steady flow of traffic over time or increase brand awareness. This strategy helps more people find your brand and learn about it. With a little time and effort, you can optimize your site for search engines and help your business drive more traffic.

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    Why is SEO better than Google ads?
    There are a few reasons why SEO is often seen as a better marketing strategy than Google ads. First, SEO is typically less expensive than paid advertising. Second, because SEO is a long-term strategy, it can generate consistent traffic to your website over time, while paid advertising results in an immediate spike in traffic that eventually tapers off. And finally, because people are more likely to click on organic search results than on paid advertising, investing in SEO can be a more effective way to reach your target audience.

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    SEO is a free service. When your website is optimized, you will receive free traffic for an extended period of time, and Google Ads will display your ads when you pay them; when you stop paying, your ads will be removed.

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