Python is a good language to start learning programming. After all, its syntax is not so terrible and does not bite.

What is the goal? - Ensure that services understand the request and sites respond appropriately to user actions.
What should a Python developer know to get started?

You should learn the programming language: types, data structure: how they differ.
The list of required skills depends on the direction, among the popular: web development and data analysis.

Web Development - What Frameworks?
1. Flask - you can quickly program something working.
2. Django - one of the most popular server.
3. Async IO or Fast API - asynchronous.
You should also study the Unix system database, SQL and database.

Data analysis - What do you need?
1. Mathematics - percentiles, normal distribution, vectors and matrices.
2. Pandas - Python library - for data analysis.
3. Matplotlib - data visualization.