ONYXCLOUD has released a full product line of multi-cloud high availability hosting for both shared and dedicated server plans.

What the heck is 'multi-cloud high availability hosting'?

With ONYXCLOUD your websites are hosted on 2 or more web servers located in two or more data centers, separate clouds, separate servers, the ultimate in redundancy for your high value projects!

For a limited time you can get ONYXCLOUD's "Startup" Shared Multi-Cloud, a full year of hosting for only $99 with coupon: 99DEAL

OR get 3 years of the Startup shared package for only $199 with coupon: 199DEAL

Startup Package Server Details

Two servers with total of:

8 CPU Cores (AMD EPYC CPUs!)

ONYXCLOUD only loads a maximum of 100 cPanel accounts per server cluster to provide low contention service!

Get all the details at: www.onyxcloud.host

The ONYXCLOUD hosting environment comes with ONYXWEB a cPanel control module which allows you to customize your website's hosting to fit all software or performance needs, need NGINX on one part of your site and regular HTTPD on another or Python or RUBY... DONE! Need to run php 8 on one section and php 7 on another to allow scripts to work correctly? DONE!

ONYXWEB controller is the most advanced of its kind and has tons of settings for security and speed enhancements too!

ONYXCLOUD staff will even fine tune your sites for performance and security with the ONYXWEB module for no additional cost!