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    Tips on migrating hosting service seamlessly

    If you are a web master or a business owner who already own a website you would probably know that your site needs a web hosting service to allow it to be accessible at all time. This is possible because the service is hosted on a web server which is running around the clock at an Internet Data Center with reliable network connectivity.

    You need a decent host to make sure that your website is up and running with good speed at all time. Apart from the speed and reliability, after sales service is also important. You must choose a web hosting provider with 24/7 competent support to ensure that their support team is always available to make sure website online again whenever it is down.

    But for whatever reason if you unluckily host your website or a poor provider then it is time to migrate your web to a decent hosting provider as soon as possible to ensure better uptime, better speed, and better technical support. Another common reason for moving to another host is wanting more disk space at a better price. Be sure to read review of a hosting provider thoroughly before deciding to choose the service provider. Steps for migrating hosting service seamlessly are as follows.

    1. Find a better hosting provider. Remember that lower price often leads to poorer support.

    2. Once you have chosen a hosting package, stop updating your website and begin copying your website and database data to the new host. The hosting provider might assist you for free at this step.

    3. At this point do not update the name servers of your domain to the new host yet because you need to check whether the scripts and database on the new server run without any problem.

    4. If your site on the new hosting plan works fine then update the name servers of your domain to point to the new server. Do not delete the website and the database data on the old server yet since A DNS change requires up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide. During the propagation some visitors may access your website on the new host but some visitors may access your website on the old host.

    5. Once the DNS is fully propagated you may remove all the data in the hosting package of your former provider since every visitors will now access your website on the server of the new hosting provider.

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    Moving website step-by-step.

    Keep in mind that technical changes occur when you move website to a new server. When you have placed a website or created e-mail addresses on your domain name, it is important to transfer it without downtime. Follow the step-by-step plan below to ensure that you are always online and available.

    Step 1. Think about which website you want to move

    Check which website you want to transfer and which domain names it is on. Every domain name extension has its own procedure for transferring. Click on your extension at the bottom of the page to learn more about the procedure.

    Step 2. Make a backup

    Make sure to backup your current website, database and emails. By temporarily placing the files of your website locally on your computer, you can upload them again to your new hosting package.

    Step 3. Cancel the domain name account

    Cancel the domain name account with your current provider (not the name itself!) and request the authorization code, if necessary. Please note that the provider does not immediately cancel your hosting package, so that you still have enough time to transfer your domain name with website without downtime. So agree with your provider when the contract may be terminated or simply cancel later as a last step.

    Step 4. Open a new account with another provider

    Place an order and indicate that you also want to transfer the domain name. During the ordering process, you are requested to enter the domain authorization code for the move.

    Step 5. Copy the files from your website to the hosting package

    Log in to the new control panel and upload all files that you have backed up to the hosting package. You have now copied the website/webshop. Test that everything is set up and working properly. Do not forget to recreate your old e-mail address if necessary.

    Step 6. Send the authorization code to your new web host

    Is everything working properly? Then you can pass on the authorization code. The web host usually immediately initiates the domain transfer. Depending on the transfer procedure of the domain name extension, the domain name will run immediately or within a few working days. It can then take another 24 hours before all DNS settings are up to date.
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