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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyril30 View Post
    What is EMD update?
    Hello cyril30

    "Google recently announced the EMD update. ... The exact match domains update is a new filter aimed at ensuring that low-quality websites do not attain a high Page Rank (PR) and rise high in Google's SERPs (search engine results pages) just because such websites have the relevant search term in the domain names."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyril30 View Post
    What is EMD update?

    "To be precise, Google EMD update is a periodic filter that catches Exact Match Domain sites on a periodic basis. For instance, if some sites escape the first filter it gets caught by the second filter. Similarly, those that escape the second filter, get trapped by the third filter. However, the filtration process puts more emphasis on Content than on exact match and so sites like these displayed below are not touched: for ‘CARS’ for ‘USED CARS’ for ‘MOVIES’ for ‘RECIPE BOOK’

    But not so with ‘’ which is a ready made example of what the customer needs, as if it is a made-to-order domain name. Domains similar to this are often bought by people in the hope that since all the words or materials they had been searching is already inlaid within the domain, this will help them rank well. But what they mostly overlook is the poor content that feature most of these ready made domains. Additionally, they have contents that have been “scrapped” or simply stolen from other sundry sites. So it is no wonder that Panda has been quite harsh with EMDs that suffer from poor or borrowed content and hence have a borrowed time for survival on the World Wide Web.

    Bottom line: According to Google spokesperson, Matt Cutts, Google is not so mad about EMD as it is with poor or under-rated content. True, Google tries to curb the tendency of gaining through EMD but that’s secondary as compared to filthy content."

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    Google search receives billions of queries every single day. To provide better solutions to the users, Google work on bringing different updates to improve the user experience and the quality of results. For this, Google rolled out an update in which they will penalize low-quality exact match domains. An Exact Match Domain is exactly what it is called. It’s a domain name that is identical to a search phrase entered into Google. EMDs aren’t bad for SEO and site builders can take advantage to rank high in search results.

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