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    Virtual phone number.

    Hi, I am in a search of a good virtual phone number provider. I need multiple phone numbers for my job and I am struggling to find a good service.

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    What are some useful services similar to a virtual number?

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    Yes, there is a service business texting, which my colleague at work advised me. I can communicate via text messages with my clients and hide my phone number with it. It makes my work very easy. We will soon learn about various valuable utilities and services designed for work. But for now, the virtual number is still the most relevant for me. I hope I have helped in some way. Good luck to everyone.

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    I would make sure you can set one up that has information that tells people it is from the company you work for or you. Most people will not respond to a anonymous call or text.

    I see flyp is supposed to let you have 5 or 6 virtual phone numbers for one phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sikabum View Post
    Hi, I am in a search of a good virtual phone number provider. I need multiple phone numbers for my job and I am struggling to find a good service.

    "choose your preferred provider and open an account, choose your desired area code, and begin using your virtual phone number. Many virtual phone providers offer a free phone number for individuals but have paid options for businesses."

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    I personally use all sites in a row with virtual phone numbers, there are plenty of them and each site can be trusted. With the help of these sites, I receive sms online france and then use this sms with a code to buy something in an online store or on any site. I don't want to give out my personal phone number and that's why I use virtual numbers. As for work, I don't need fake numbers at work, since everything is recorded in the protocol there. The only disadvantage of such virtual numbers is that they don't always work fast and sometimes sites can just hang up and not give you a new number. I advise you to find a better site with virtual numbers by rating sites.
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