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    How do you separate words in URL?

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    Because the hyphen separates words (so that a search engine can index the individual words), and a hyphen is not a word character. Underscore is a word character, meaning it should be considered part of a word.

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    Using hyphen (-) makes the url more readable by users. Also it is considered as the word separator instead of space by search engines. For better clarification, you can refer Best practices for Structuring URL . You CAN use CamelCase, periods, or hyphens in your URL.

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    If you want to create user friendly url Google recommends using hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in URLs because hyphens are treated as spaces between words, while words connected by underscores are viewed as one word.

    You can also see hyphen better in search results of url and never use a space since most search engines will think that it is one world not 2.

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    Since the dash isolates words (so a web search tool can record the singular words), a dash isn't a word character. The highlight is a word character, meaning it should be viewed as a feature of a word.

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