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    What Is Database Server?

    A database server is a machine running database software dedicated to providing database services. It is a crucial component in the client-server computing environment where it provides business-critical information requested by the client systems.

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    Database servers are used to store and manage databases that are stored on the server. Database servers provide data access for their authorized users.

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    Database servers are one of the most important pieces of a company's information technology infrastructure. A database server is a computer system that provides storage and access to databases. Companies use database servers to store and manage data, including customer data, financial data, and product data.
    Database servers can be used in various ways to support business operations. For example, a company might use a database server to store customer data to be accessed by customer service representatives via a web interface. The company might also use the database server to power an online store or manage its finances.
    There are many different types of database servers available on the market. Popular options include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database Server, and IBM DB2 Database Server. When choosing a database server for your business, it is important to consider the important features to you and your team.

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    A database server also called as “Daemon”(common name for servers) are servers that hold this particular software for Database creation. MySQL server, Oracle server etc. When you initiate the server, it starts the daemon process and your database is ON for operations.

    Database hosted in these servers have their own connectivity port and can dedicatedly support only Database operations.
    For reference in Local Environment you can check with XAMPP, MAMP or LAMP, WAMP to check how MySQL works in your PC.
    It is hence better to keep a seperate database server, except the application or hosting server to improve application performance, store large database objects and scale as easy as possible

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    In simple terms a database server is a server which uses database applications to provide database services to other computers and programs

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    A Database Server is a machine running database software reserved to supply database services. It runs a database management system and provides database services to clients. It contains Hardware and Software that run a database.

    The software side of a Database Server, or the database model, is the back-end database application. The application defines a set of memory systems and background processes accessing a set of database files.

    The hardware side of a Database Server is the server system used for database storage and recovery. Its workloads require a large storage capability and high memory density to process data efficiently. These requirements mean that the machine hosting the database is generally a dedicated high-end computer.

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