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    How can I extract Twitter data to an excel sheet?

    Please help, I need a tool that can help me extract Twitter data

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    Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest news and trends. However, extracting the relevant data can be difficult. There are a number of ways to extract Twitter data, but the easiest is probably to use an online tool. There are also a number of software programs that allow you to extract data from Twitter. If you want to do it manually, there are a few steps that you need to follow. First, sign in to your Twitter account. Next, click on the “Followers” button at the top of your screen. This will take you to a list of all of your followers. Next, select the ones that you want to include in your data analysis. Finally, copy their Twitter handles into a text document.

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    You can use the chrome extension twelts to export twitter data to an excel sheet. You can even use tools like Tweet Binder, Quintly, vicinitas to extract Twitter data.

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    To export your Twitter data into Excel you need to follow these steps:
    Mouse over on the “Export” option.
    There click on “Excel” and the process of requesting the XLS file will start.
    Wait until the report is generated and you will be able to save it. This can take up to 1 minute if the report is big.

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    Octoparse is the bets tool to extract twitter data to an excel sheet

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    You can download the Twitter data through Twitter APIs, however, not every user has access to the Twitter APIs. This is where third-party Twitter analytics tools can help you download data from any public Twitter profile.

    FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter analytics tool that can help you download any public Twitter users’ data. It is an effective tool that not only helps you access the tweets but also helps in analyzing your Twitter followers. It is a feature-packed tool that can help perform a tweet analysis along with evaluating the quality of the followers of the targeted Twitter profile.

    Go to and get easy access to various analytical insights that can enhance your Twitter marketing efforts.

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    One method that you can try is to use Twitter's own analytics dashboard, which provides information about your own account's activity and engagement. To access it, simply log into your Twitter account, click on your profile picture, and select ""Analytics"" from the dropdown menu. From there, you can view and download a variety of reports that contain valuable data about your account's performance. If you're looking to take your data analysis to the next level, I highly recommend checking out Power BI courses. They cover a wide range of topics, including how to extract data from Twitter and visualize it in Excel. It's a great way to gain new skills and improve your data analysis abilities.

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    1. Go to and insert the Hashtag or user you want to download the tweets from.
    2. Mouse over on 'Export' option.
    3. There click on “Excel” and the process of requesting the XLS file will start.
    4. Wait until the report is generated and you will be able to save it.

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