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    Why do Companies offer Free Hosting?

    I know a few companies who offer free hosting and they don't even put add on those sites. How are they benefited ?

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    Most don't, they do it as an ad based system or one where they hope for upgrades.

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    To retain enough customers and later sell them with a premium hosting packages or additional hosting services such as domain names, private registration, backup, SSLs, private DNS, plus a ton of other crapy services and offers.

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    Companies provide free hosting for Just to increase the brand value * And make profit through several ways and then after sometime also promote paid

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    Free hosting is simply a marketing ploy used to attract new customers. In order to maintain a customer base, a service provider will first provide free hosting solutions to anyone who requests them.. This service will most likely be too slow and insecure for most people. However, because it is free, most people are unlikely to be bothered. However, once the service provider has amassed a large enough database of clients and data, they will begin deploying various types of troubles on the free hosting platform, in order to compel its consumers to upgrade to one of their commercial hosting packages. As a result, be aware that this is one of the oldest marketing strategies still in use by numerous companies.

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