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    Ensure Maximum Data Protection Against Online Threats & Intrusions

    In today’s age, with cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, business heads find it challenging to manage the security of user’s critical data and applications. There are also numerous instances of privilege escalations, primarily due to incorrectly defined roles and responsibilities. Over the years, various forms of cyberattacks and data breaches have resulted in large monetary and non-monetary losses to enterprises. To ensure a robust and secure digital security posture, ESDS Managed Security Services serves as a one-stop solution for all security-related needs. ESDS’ Managed Security Services portfolio comprises everything an enterprise requires to ensure complete security of applications and data against online threats and vulnerabilities.

    ESDS eNlight WebVPN

    With ESDS eNlight WebVPN, enterprises get a clientless, highly Scalable, and available VPN Solution. eNlight WebVPN allows employees to securely and easily access their remotely hosted applications. Besides a Scalable solution, eNlight WebVPN is also a cost-effective and SSL VPN Solution that can be accessed from any location using web browsers. eNlight WebVPN offers its users an intelligent & Cloud-based VPN solution that comes with a built-in WAF for providing Layer 7 Security. This WAF protects web applications from OWASP Top-10 and other significant online vulnerabilities.

    Why ESDS eNlight WebVPN?

    With ESDS WebVPN, you get the following notable, value-added benefits-

    1. Clientless SSL WebVPN Solution
    2. Granular Access Control
    3. Cost-Effective & Secure VPN Solution
    4. In-built WAF for Protection Against OWASP Top-10 & Other Vulnerabilities
    5. 24x7 Exuberant Support

    To know more about ESDS eNlight WebVPN, visit-

    ESDS Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

    There have been numerous examples of escalated risks and misuse of access-based permissions for gaining unauthorized access in any enterprise. Unmanaged user accounts often serve as an exposed vulnerability that can be easily exploited by malicious actors present within & outside the organization. To prevent such unwanted privilege escalations & illegal accesses, ESDS has developed a smart and controlled access PAM Solution. With ESDS’ PAM solution, enterprises can overcome all forms of security risks, enhance their compliance requirements through constant monitoring of user-privileged activities. ESDS deploys stringent security policies, which helps in controlling major breaches and data leaks. With ESDS, the IT Security Teams get a centralized policy framework for allowing privileges based on user roles & responsibilities.

    To know more about ESDS PAM Solution, visit-

    Get in touch with Team ESDS if you also wish to avail enhanced cybersecurity protection against online threats & attacks

    For more information, contact Team ESDS through-

    Email: | Toll-Free: 1800 209 3006 | Website:

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    A network intrusion prevention system can give a business the IT security it needs to protect against malicious activity such as vendor-specific exploitation vulnerabilities, Trojan horses, spyware, phishing, self-propagating worms and other potential threats that can cause inhibited network operation. Preventative security measures can provide protection against harmful activities such as these by employing anti-virus software, firewalls and regular system analysis practices before a system is infected. In the event that an attacker does access a network and attempts to negatively influence system activity, intrusion prevention systems should be able to detect such risks and act quickly to defend against them.

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    With cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, business owners are finding it difficult to monitor the security of their users' critical data and apps. One big question for every industry – how can you ensure maximum data protection against cyberattacks when they are constantly rising? Well, I think if there is some service that can help me manage my security so that I can easily focus on my productivity, it can be a big relief.

    ACE Managed Security Services is a scalable and one-stop solution for all your security concerns, assuring a comprehensive and robust cybersecurity environment. The Managed Security Services platform includes everything a company needs to secure the entire application and data security against online risks and attacks. The all-in-one cybersecurity solution for total asset and data protection. Get SIEM + MDR + SOCaaS on a platform with cutting-edge technology and security policies that operate together. ACE offers tailored solutions that are an excellent fit for your company's operations.

    The best thing about ACE managed security is that they provide a free consultation with their security experts, which is worth $500. Their security specialists will analyze your current cybersecurity posture and provide you with recommendations to improve it.

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