Hi Everyone
I have recently started my clothing brand. My designs are amazing, and they are very popular among the locals. I want to take my work to the next level by making it professional. As you know, professionalism comes with a certain level of cost. I have been quoted $4000 for professional help in designing my website, business cards, and other things that will help me look more professional. Also, I have been quoted $600 for the domain name I want is unavailable. Now that I need to take my business to the next level, I want to pay. But as the amount is huge and my business is small, I want to take a wise step and ask for the second opinion of the professionals and my well-wishers. So before investing my hard-earned money, I am here for a few suggestions. Hope to get a few good ones!

What are the different types of web hosting?
What type of hosting do I need for my website?
How do I choose a web hosting provider?
Is domain and hosting the same?
What features should I include on my website?
How can I get a domain name that is already taken?
What are some creative ways to market my small business?
Does any website offer deals or discounts for web hosting and domain names?

Looking for some good suggestions for web hosting and domain names. I already have a few in mind, but I would like to hear from others. Thanks!