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    How do change data in a database?

    i have list of list

    listofplayers = [[player1, 5,1,300,100],[player11, 10,5,650,150],[player23, 17,6,1100,1050]]

    and i have a database

    player, win, lost, moneywin, moneylost
    player1, 3 , 0 , 250 , 50
    player2 ...
    player3 ...

    how do i update my database with the new info in my listofplayers? Like this:

    player, win, lost, moneywin, moneylost
    player1, 5, 1, 300, 100,
    player2 ...
    player3 ...
    player11, 10, 5, 650, 150
    player23, 17, 6, 1100, 1050

    i tried different things but i just can't find the resources

    here's my best attempt:


    for i in listofplayers
    for j, k in db.iterrows():
    if i[0] == j['player']:
    index = db.index[db[j]==k].tolist()[index,j] = i[y]
    index = []

    as you can see i'm having troubles...
    this is my very first attempt at pandas and i'm still new to programming

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    You will need to use SQL (database query language) and other complicated programs.

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    Do you know how to work with SQL? Transact-SQL and SQL Server Management Studio are the tools to change data in a database. You will need to access the data editor then select the commands to replace for edit, tap quick find next to find and replace. There are many tutorials on youtube and that can serve as a guide for you. In case, you are lack data for your database read about the features of B2B data providers. Shortly, data providers will enrich your database with reliable information.
    Good luck!
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    You must have a certain level of knowledge in working with SQL. Otherwise, you will need the help of a specialist. In any case, I recommend making backups and using a monitoring service to track the performance of the project after making changes.

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