1. Measure / Optimize - Measure how marketing is performing against KPIs and benchmarks. Then, optimize to improve results and performance.
2. Goals - Articulate what you want to achieve how and when. How much of a commitment will it take - time, money, people?
3. Target Audiences - Focus on who matters. Create buyer personas to get knowledge of customers: their needs, problems and buying behaviour.
4. Competitive Landscape - Do a situational analysis to assess how your marketing is performing. Do a competitive audit to assess rivals' strengths and weaknesses.
5. Your Story - Create value propositions, boilerplates, elevator pitches, vision and missions statements to tell and share your story.
6. Channels - Discover and focus on the most effective channels to engage, educate, entertain and nurture customers.
7. Tactic Plan - Develop a tactical implementation plan to guide who does what, when and how, as well as tools, processes & best practices.