The following shows you how to find a server that provides such specifications and has been installed with EulerOS.

1) Visit the Huawei Cloud's free trial page and register or log in using a new account. Free trial is available only for new users.
2) Select Elastic Cloud Server and click Try Now to go to the ECS console.

3) Select Pay-per-use for Billing Mode. (Free trial is valid only in the pay-per-use mode.)

4) Select a region and AZ. (Seven regions are available for free trial: CN-Hong Kong, AP-Bangkok, AP-Singapore, AF-Johannesburg, LA-Santiago, LA-Mexico City1, and LA-Sao Paulo1.)
5) Retain the default value of CPU Architecture and set Specifications to s3.large.2. If you are eligible for free trial, Free Package is displayed next to s3.large.2.
6) Set Image to Public image and click Huawei Cloud EulerOS.

7) Retain the default values of Host Security, System Disk, and Quantity, and click Next: Configure Network to go to the network configuration page.

8) Select a VPC from the Network drop-down list box. Generally, a default VPC is provided. If there is no default VPC or you do not want to use the VPC, you can click Create VPC to create one on the VPC console. For details, see (documentation) and (video).

9) Configure EIP, EIP Type, and Billed By as the following figure. You can retain the default value of Bandwidth Size or change it based on daily visits.

10) Configure ECS Name, Login Mode, and Password.

11) Retain the default values of the three parameters in the following figure, and click Next: Confirm.

12) A free-trial server with 2 vCPUs, 4 GB memory, and unlimited CPU usage and installed with WordPress has been created.

For details about how to use EulerOS, see the OpenEuler community, see
Register now and you can receive a free Linux (including EulerOS) cloud server, a free Database, and a free CDN. For more information, see Huawei Cloud's free trial page.