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    How to Remove 404 Soft Error?

    How to Remove 404 Soft Error?

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    Soft 404s can be caused by typos in URLs, stale links, or server issues. When it's a soft 404 error, the error is communicated to website visitors, but not to Google's crawlers. This means that pages will continue to be crawled and indexed on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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    To remove a 404 soft error, you can follow these steps:

    Identify the pages returning a 404 error by checking your website's error logs or using tools like Google Search Console or third-party SEO tools.

    Determine whether the pages should exist or not. If the pages should exist, investigate why they are returning a 404 error. It could be due to broken links, incorrect URL structures, or deleted content.

    Fix the issue by updating or fixing the broken links, correcting the URL structure, or restoring the deleted content. Ensure that the pages return a proper HTTP status code (e.g., 200 for a successful page).

    Redirect the old URLs to relevant pages using 301 redirects. This ensures that visitors and search engines are directed to the correct pages.

    Update internal links, sitemaps, and any external references to the old URLs to reflect the new URLs.

    Monitor your website for any new 404 errors and promptly address them.

    Remember, a 404 error indicates that a page is not found, so it's crucial to identify and resolve these errors to provide a better user experience and maintain a healthy website.

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    It's a temporary one. Try to reopen it again after you get the error in the GSC! If its working fine, just submit it again and wait till the issue is resolved.

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    To remove a 404 soft error:

    Identify the error.
    Update or remove the incorrect links.
    Set up redirects if necessary.
    Create a custom 404 page.
    Conduct regular website maintenance.

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    Identify the Cause: Determine why the 404 soft error is occurring. It could be due to various reasons, such as a temporary server issue, a broken link, or a misconfigured URL.

    Check Server Status: Ensure that your website's server is up and running properly. Test other pages on your website to see if they load correctly. If the server is experiencing problems, contact your hosting provider for assistance.

    Review URL Structure: Verify that the URL in question is correctly formatted and matches the intended page. Check for any typos or incorrect characters that may lead to the 404 error. If necessary, correct the URL or update any internal links pointing to the incorrect URL.

    Redirect or Update Links: If the 404 error is caused by a broken link, either on your website or from external sources, you have a few options:

    a) Redirect: If the intended page has been permanently moved or replaced, set up a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. This helps search engines and users find the correct content.

    b) Update Links: If the broken link is on your website, update it to point to the correct URL. If the link is from an external source, reach out to the website owner or administrator and request an update to the correct URL.

    Customize 404 Error Page: Create a custom 404 error page to improve the user experience. This page should provide clear navigation options, a search bar, or suggestions for related content. It helps users find what they were looking for and reduces frustration.

    Monitor and Fix Errors: Regularly monitor your website for 404 errors using webmaster tools or website auditing tools. When new 404 errors are detected, investigate the cause and take appropriate action, such as redirecting or fixing broken links.

    Update Sitemaps: If you have submitted a sitemap to search engines, make sure it is up to date and does not include URLs that return 404 errors. Remove or correct any outdated or non-existent URLs in the sitemap.

    Fetch as Google: If the 404 error is impacting your website's visibility in search results, use Google Search Console's "Fetch as Google" tool to request a re-crawl of the affected page. This can help search engines update their index with the correct information.

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    We can fix 404 soft error using 301 Redirection

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