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    Title and alt Tags

    what is the difference between the title and alt tags?

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    Title tag in the image is the description of image for the users. Alt tag is the description of images for search engine crawlers.

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    “title” is for providing an explanation of while “alt” is for describing the image to the crawlers for better web accessibility.

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    Both title & alt tags are HTML tags related to images and help you improve SEO. Although title tags can be used at multiple instances on your website such as meta title, link title, image title, alt is related to <img> tag only.

    Title tags provide a brief description of your image, and get visible when you hover over an image. They serve a good purpose in SEO as it helps the search engines understand what the image is about.

    Example of a title tag: <img src="" title="TITLE TAG"></img>

    As the name suggests, Alt (alternative) tags on the other hand are displayed when an image cannot be displayed. They are also useful for accessibility for users that use screen readers.

    Example of an alt tag: <img src="" alt="ALT TAG"></img>
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    Title and alt tags are HTML attributes used to provide information about images, where the title tag is used for the title of a webpage, and the alt tag is used to describe an image.

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    In the context of the image tag, alt text is used to describe visual elements to users who can't see them, either because the image failed to load or because they are using a screen reader. The image title attribute is only visible on mouse-over and displays just the image title.

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    The title and alt tags serve different purposes in HTML:

    Title Tag: Provides additional information about an element on hover. For example, <img src="image.jpg" title="Beautiful Sunset"> displays "Beautiful Sunset" when hovered over.

    Alt Tag: Provides alternative text for an image if it can't be displayed, aiding accessibility and SEO. For example, <img src="image.jpg" alt="A beautiful sunset over the mountains"> describes the image for screen readers and search engines.

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