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We're thrilled to introduce our offshore cPanel hosting services, tailored to meet your diverse web hosting needs. Our feature-rich packages are designed to provide you with a reliable and secure hosting experience in an offshore location.

Basic Web Hosting

SSD Space: 5GB
Metered Bandwidth: 500GB
Email Accounts: 5
Unlimited Databases
Parked Domains: 5
Single Domain
SSL Certificate Included
cPanel & Softaculous
Offshore Location

Starting at only 3.99 EUR -

Standard Web Hosting

SSD Space: 25GB
Metered Bandwidth: 1TB
Email Accounts: 10
Unlimited Databases
Parked Domains: 5
Hosted Domains: 5
SSL Certificate Included
cPanel & Softaculous
Offshore Location

Starting at just 7.99 EUR -

Premium Web Hosting

SSD Space: 50GB
Metered Bandwidth: 2TB
Email Accounts: 20
Unlimited Databases
Parked Domains: 10
Hosted Domains: 10
SSL Certificate Included
cPanel & Softaculous
Offshore Location

Starting at 15.99 EUR -

Ultra Web Hosting

SSD Space: 100GB
Metered Bandwidth: 5TB
Email Accounts: 100
Unlimited Databases
Parked Domains: 50
Hosted Domains: 50
SSL Certificate Included
cPanel & Softaculous
Offshore Location

Embark on a superior hosting journey starting at 27.99 EUR -

Our offshore hosting ensures data privacy and security, making it an ideal choice for a variety of projects. Don't miss out on these exclusive plans. Join us today and experience hosting like never before!

For more details or custom inquiries, feel free to contact us here.

Payment Methods:
Perfect Money
BTCPay Bitcoin Non-KYC Crypto Non-KYC Crypto
Stripe - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners Club, Apple Pay, Google Pay, EU SEPA Bank Transfer, iDEAL, GiroPay, Sofort, Przelewy24, EPS, Bancontact, China UnionPay, WeChat Pay Balance Checkout or Debit & Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Crypto Voucher PIN - Minimum Topup: 20 EUR +20% Processing Fee
EU/EEA SEPA Bank Transfer - Any Bank
US Bank Wire Transfer - $5 USD / 6 EUR Processing fee
Skrill Checkout
WebMoney - Universal Payments: WMZ, EUR, USD, WMT, WMF, WMH, WMX, WML
Revolut Bank Transfer using Username Tag

Client Area:
Support Email: office [at] hostcay [dot] com

We uphold freedom of content, support open-source software, privacy, anonymity, and network neutrality. As a free speech hosting provider, we refrain from taking down potentially offensive content, as maintaining our free speech hosting status is crucial. Please note that the DMCA applies to the United States and may not affect our offshore data centers. We only act on valid copyright abuse requests based on the host content's jurisdiction. HOSTCAY does not censor customer content. Removal requires a court order from the content's hosting location, following local laws. This doesn't mean you can use our services for prohibited activities per our terms. For law enforcement inquiries, please email us at office[at]hostcay[dot]com.

We strive to maintain an open-minded approach, but as a customer, you must adhere to a few simple rules:

Child Pornography
Promotes illegal drugs, or substances that are legal, but are known to be abused
Content involving animal exploitation, commonly referred to as zoophilia or animal porn.
Threatening, Racial, or otherwise Abusive Content
Fraud, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Pyramid schemes, or any other activities deemed to be fraudulent
DDoS/Flood attacks
Botnets/Virus/Malware/IRC or IRC Bots
Phishing/Scamming Websites
Anything than can result in Spamhaus Listing
Network Abuse/IP Spoofing
Unauthorized Computer/Network Access and Surveillance
Terrorist Websites