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    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    Do You want to run an Internet project, but still don't know where to start?
    First of all, you need to think about choosing the server where it will be located.
    Need some help with that? Contact AlexHost directly, right now. We’ve been operating on the market since 2011, and during this time we’ve earned an impeccable reputation, which is confirmed by numerous positive feedback from customers.

    Plans VPS

    VPS 1 - 1.5 GB RAM, 1 core, 10 GB SSD, IPv4 - 4 euro month or 11.88 euro / year
    VPS 2 - 4 GB RAM, 2 cores, 40 GB SSD, IPv4 - 10 euro month or 60 euro / year
    VPS 3 - 8 GB RAM, 4 cores, 80 GB SSD, IPv4 - 16 euro month or 144 euro / year
    *All servers come with 100 Mbps guaranteed.

    Plans Hosting

    5 sites, 5 Mysql Databases, 1GB SSD Disk, Cpanel - 10 euro / year
    20 sites, 20 Mysql Databases, 5GB SSD Disk, Cpanel - 30 euro / year
    Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Mysql Databases, 10GB SSD Disk, Cpanel - 70 euro / year
    *Unlimited Traffic & Free Anti DDoS Protection

    Plans Dedicated servers

    i7-9700 DDR4 / 32 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD - 80 euro / month
    i7-9700 DDR4 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD - 70 euro / month
    i5-4570 DDR3 / 16 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD - 49 euro / month
    i3-2120 DDR3 / 8 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD - 35 euro / month
    *All servers come with 1 Gbps shared

    Project storage location

    All special equipment is stored in our own AlexHost data center. It is located in the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau) in the bomb shelter of the former military plant (at a depth of 5 meters below the ground), hence we guarantee the absolute security of confidential data. Our technicians work in 24/7 mode, ready to immediately fix any problem that occurs.

    Technical support
    If you have any questions, you can always contact our 24h S.R.L.AlexHost customer support team, which will provide you with the prompt and highest quality assistance.

    Anonymity and confidentiality
    Our company is registered in the territory of the Republic of Moldova (legal information at . We observe all the legislative norms of the Republic of Moldova and guarantee utterly legal and transparent cooperation. We use only licensed software, which allows us to ensure the maximum anonymity and confidentiality of our customers (we don’t require passport scans or other documents to prove the identity of the customer).

    Refund Policy
    AlexHost company guarantees you a refund of the deposited funds, within the first 30 days after payment, in case you are not satisfied with the quality of services. The money back guarantee applies only to hosting services, virtual servers (VPS)

    Email :
    Tel. : + (373) 22 87-87-87
    Web :
    Skype :
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    Ho-Ho-Ho! The day has come: today marks the start of our New Year promotion!

    Our Santa is already on his way, carrying magic and joy with him! The entire AlexHost team wants to congratulate you on the upcoming Christmas and New Year!

    As a token of our gratitude for your trust in us and on the eve of 2024, we have prepared a unique gift : a 24% DISCOUNT ON ALL OUR SERVICES ( until the end of December!
    To get the discount, apply the promo code "HWAH24" during the checkout process.

    This is not just an offer - it's our special holiday magic that makes our services even more accessible and appealing!

    The promotional discount extends to all items across our product range, excluding the colocation service.

    Don't miss the unique opportunity to get the service you need at the most festive price! With AlexHost (, your virtual space will be filled not only with quality services but also with real holiday excitement!

    Happy holidays! May the New Year bring you luck, joy, and many achievements!
    With love, the AlexHost (

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    Dear friends, remember, our special New Year promotion ( is in full swing! �� Don't let the holidays distract you from the opportunity to take advantage of our services with a unique 24% discount until the end of December!

    ➡️ Simply use the promo code "HWAH24" when placing your order to make the most of this festive offer.

    Don't miss the chance to give your virtual space a festive mood with AlexHost!

    The AlexHost ( team wishes you happy holidays!

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    AlexHost Company Activity Report 2023

    Introduction: 2023 was a year of challenges and achievements for AlexHost. Despite the difficulties, we successfully overcame all obstacles and set a new course for development, which will be outlined in the coming years. In this report, we will look at the key aspects of our activities that made this year special for us.

    Infrastructure Update:
    Expansion of Locations:
    Website Update:
    New Services:
    Significant Support Upgrades:
    Our Plans for 2024:

    Read the full article here:

    Subscribe ( to stay informed about our latest news and updates, so you don't miss the chance to take advantage of our newest services at the most attractive prices!

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    We're excited to share some big news! Our team is proud to announce that we are attracting the attention of overseas resources more and more often. This is not only a confirmation of our reliability for us, but also a step forward in the global web hosting community.

    Recently, we had the pleasure of communicating with major sites such as and Through these meetings, we've talked about our data center operations and answered a few key editorial questions.

    If you'd like to learn more, read our interviews at the links:

    We believe that being noticed on such reputable platforms means we are on the right track! Your support is what inspires us. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on these posts. We appreciate every word!

    Thank you for choosing us!

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    AlexHost ( New Location in Sweden! ����

    Reliable IT Infrastructure and Excellent Business Environment: The opening of a new AlexHost (AlexHost SRL Hosting Provider - Hosting provider services - Hosting company AlexHost) location in Sweden marks a significant step forward for our company and our clients who value stability and quality.

    Sweden - A Leader in IT Technologies: A country renowned for its innovations in the IT sector and multi-level security. Our new data center is situated in a cozy and safe city, ensuring peace of mind and protection of your data.

    VPS 1 Gbps: Yes, you heard right! We offer a port bandwidth of 1 GBPS, providing the highest speed and performance for your projects.

    For more details and a description of all the advantages, you can find out on our website: New location, new opportunities – welcome to the Sweden with ⋆ ALexHost SRL

    Partnership with Inleed (Web hosting, VPS, Dedicated server, CO-location): Choosing Inleed, a company based in Sweden, for our partnership underscores our commitment to internet freedom and data security. This is especially important for those who value anonymity and openness online.

    Additionally, you can also conduct a basic check using Looking Glass (Looking Glass) to explore our network's performance and availability. This tool allows you to perform network diagnostics, ensuring you're always informed about the quality of service we provide.
    Looking Glass

    �� Special Offer: Use the PROMO CODE #SE15 when ordering to get an exclusive 15% discount on ALL VPS ( TARIFFS. Hurry, the offer is limited and valid until January 31st!

    Learn more about the tariffs in detail: VPS Sweden - Buy VPS server Sweden - Website hosting Sweden - Cheap VPS web hosting Sweden AlexHost

    AlexHost (AlexHost SRL Hosting Provider - Hosting provider services - Hosting company AlexHost): We strive to provide you with the best experience and guarantee that you will appreciate our efforts to the fullest.

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    Discover unparalleled safety, adaptability, performance, and durability with our colocation services in Moldova. Ensure your hardware is protected in an impenetrable setting.

    Our data center in Moldova boasts advanced technology, security measures including cooling systems, fire detection capabilities, continuous video monitoring, ensuring a fortress for your server colocations.

    Positioned in our Chisinau-based data center, your server equipment benefits from an uninterrupted power supply. This not only guarantees our Data Center's self-reliance but also enhances the power quality your servers receive.

    For hardware not currently in Chisinau, we provide logistical support. Your equipment is transported to our data center where our experts handle installation.

    Detailed information about our plans and services can be accessed here:

    Choose AlexHost.Com ( for top-tier colocation services.

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    Expanding Our Data Center: Behind the Scenes at AlexHost! ( ��

    Friends, big news from our AlexHost team! We are growing and evolving, striving to provide you with the best service. We are proud to announce the beginning of a new phase - the expansion of our data center with the addition of a new room!

    The renovation is complete, and we are now actively working on the electrical supply installation and the air conditioning project implementation. This is a big step forward in ensuring your servers operate flawlessly.

    Today, we want to give you a glimpse behind the curtain and share a moment of assembling new rack stands. This process is just the beginning of a long journey towards improving and expanding our capabilities.

    We tank each and every one of you! Your support and trust are our main motivation for development and perfection.

    Together, we are not just creating technology, but a real community of professionals, where everyone feels comfortable and secure.

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    Protect Your Nginx from DDoS Attacks!

    Struggling with DDoS threats on your Nginx server? We've got your back with essential tips to fortify your web fortress!

    Update Nginx Regularly - Stay ahead with the latest security patches.
    Limit Connections - Use limit_conn to prevent overload from too many requests.
    Whitelist & Blacklist IPs - Keep friends close and foes afar.
    Web Application Firewall - Embrace ModSecurity for an extra layer of defense.
    Enable HTTPS - Encrypt data to shield against prying eyes.
    Disable Unused Modules - Less is more for a lean, mean server machine.
    Tune Your Configurations - Optimize for the best performance and security.
    Monitor Logs - Keep an eye out for suspicious activity.
    DDoS Protection Services - Consider Cloudflare or AWS Shield for advanced guarding.
    Regular Backups - Always have a plan B with up-to-date backups.

    Remember, this isn't a one-time fix but a continuous battle. Stay vigilant and updated!

    For an in-depth guide crafted by our expert team, check out our article: Dive into the world of Nginx documentation and ensure your server stands tall against threats.

    Stay safe, netizens!

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    Holidays often put us in the challenging task of picking the perfect gift for our significant other, which can sometimes be a real test. But worry not, at AlexHost (, we've found a way to make this process easier for you!

    In this season of heartfelt warmth and love, on days when hearts beat as one, we want to express our sincere congratulations and wishes to all our cherished followers, to experience only the brightest moments!

    And to bring more joy without any extra effort, we're offering you a 14% discount on any of our products! This promotion starts from the moment of publication and will last exactly 14 days - what a splendid coincidence! To activate the discount, simply use the promo code when placing your order.

    Promo code: AHLOVE
    Enter the code when placing your order
    The promotion will last exactly 14 days

    May your other half radiate happiness, and we at AlexHost ( are proud to have the opportunity to congratulate you on Valentine's Day!

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    Great news from the AlexHost (!

    Friends, we never tire of saying that it is thanks to you, our loyal users, that we continue to grow and improve. You are our main motivation for developing and enhancing our service.

    Today, we want to share with you an exciting update that will undoubtedly open new opportunities for all of us:

    A real breakthrough has occurred in our data center in the Netherlands! We have increased the internet traffic speed on VPS servers from 100 Mbps to an incredible 1 Gbps!

    This forward step will allow you to implement the most ambitious online projects with even greater efficiency. High bandwidth and instant access to data will provide your users with an exceptionally high-quality online experience.

    Don't waste any time, choose the right tariff for you today on our website:

    AlexHost.Com ( – your comfort is our priority!

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    It's been a while since we've had any exciting competitions, but the time has come to announce an exhilarating start!

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of a unique contest, within which you can receive support for your project for a year, absolutely free! Interested?

    Let us give you more details. Yes, you heard right: out of all the submitted projects, we will select the 5 most captivating ones and provide our support for the entire year absolutely free!

    Send us an application through customer service via Ticket System with the hashtag #FREEDOM in the subject line.
    Describe your project in detail, and don't forget to include examples of your work or links to them (tell your story, how we can help you and why you need us)
    The project must be non-commercial.
    If your project is approved, add our company to the list of your partners on your website or place our banner with a link to our site.

    Careful examination of each application.
    Selection of the 5 most unique and exciting projects.
    Free provision and maintenance of a VPS server for your project for a year, with the following configuration:
    1 Core, RAM1536MB, 10GB NVMe, 1Ipv4, Trafic Unlimited
    The right to check your project for compliance with our acceptable use policy, which you can find here:

    The submission of projects continues until May 1st. After this date, we will announce the winners and provide details about the server solutions.

    AlexHost.Com ( — we support talented developers and their unique projects! Join us!

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    �� Hosting Servers in Moldova at AlexHost's own Data Center (– Your Key to Stability and Security!

    ✅ Power Reliability: Our data center ( is equipped with two independent substations with a total capacity of 1.6 MW, guaranteed power switching, and a personal generator. Continuous operation is supported by UPS systems. ⚡

    ✅ High-Speed Internet: Four independent inputs ensure a broad and scalable communication channel up to 35 Gbps. ��

    ✅ Advanced Network: We use category 6 cables and Cisco equipment to ensure maximum performance and security of your network. ��

    ✅ Optimal Cooling: The temperature in our data center is strictly controlled within 24-27C, with redundancy under the N+1 scheme and an impressive PUE of 1.2. ❄️

    ✅ Comprehensive Security: Protection against DDoS attacks up to 1 Terabit per second, 24/7 surveillance, and security cameras ensure maximum security for your servers. ��️

    ➡️ Discover our rates on our website:

    �� Colocation at AlexHost ( is not just renting a space for your server, it's a full range of services to ensure uninterrupted operation and flexibility of your IT equipment. The perfect solution for those who value stability, security, and quality. ��

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    �� Discover the wide range of dedicated servers from AlexHost.Сom (!

    ��Flexibility First: Our plans can be customized to meet your needs.
    ��Performance: All servers come with 1 TB of internal memory and a connection speed of 1 Gbps.
    ��Confidentiality: We ensure a high level of privacy and data protection.
    ��OS Variety: A wide selection of operating systems is available to you.
    ��Savings: Receive an automatic discount of up to 47% when purchasing a server for a year.
    ��Scalability: Our servers are suitable for businesses of any size.

    �� Choose AlexHost.Сom ( for reliability and high performance! Visit our website today and see the benefits of working with a market leader.

    �� Click the link and choose your perfect server:

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    Master SSH with Ease! Learn how to use ssh-copy-id & ssh-keygen commands to secure your Linux servers.

    SSH (Secure Shell) is crucial for safe communication over networks. Using SSH key pairs, you can authenticate securely without passwords. Key commands include:

    ssh-keygen: Generate, manage, and configure SSH keys.
    ssh-copy-id: Easily copy your public SSH key to a remote server.

    Dive deeper into how these commands can enhance your server security and efficiency.
    Check out our full guide here:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openssh-client

    ssh-copy-id user_1@your_IP_address


    Explore advanced options for key configuration to bolster your server’s security.

    Want full insights? Read our complete article at AlexHost (

    You can find more useful articles in our FAQ section by following this link:

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