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    How to Organize Your Javascript Code

    Use modules to separate code into logical units
    Group related functions into classes
    Define constants at the top for easy access
    Organize code into meaningful folders/files
    Utilize imports and exports for modularization
    Create separate files for different concerns
    Use meaningful file and folder names
    Document your code with clear comments

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    1. Modularization: Break your code into reusable modules using ES6 modules or CommonJS.

    2. Consistent Naming: Use clear, consistent naming conventions for variables and functions.

    3. Folder Structure: Organize files in a logical folder structure (e.g., separate folders for components, services, utilities).

    4. Documentation: Comment your code and use documentation tools like JSDoc.

    5. Linting: Use a linter (like ESLint) to enforce code quality and consistency.

    6. Version Control: Use Git for version control and collaboration.

    7. Refactoring: Regularly refactor code to improve readability and maintainability.

    8. Design Patterns: Follow design patterns like MVC or MVVM for structured code.

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