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    7 Ways to Start Networking on Social Today

    Treat social media like a networking opportunity, not just a platform to publish content on.

    This looks like:
    Content as Conversation Starters

    Every piece of content should serve a purpose beyond filling your feed. Think of it as a conversation starter.

    Engage Authentically

    Like, comment, and share your community's content. Give compliments, ask questions, and provide insights that show you're not just scrolling but genuinely engaging.

    Promote Two-Way Conversations

    Create posts that invite your followers to comment. Use CTAs that ask for opinions, thoughts, and experiences.

    DMs as Private Networking

    Use DMs to build deeper relationships. Share insights, offer exclusive content, and discuss collaboration opportunities.

    Community Building

    Whether itís through Facebook groups, Instagram, or LinkedIn, building a community is about creating meaningful connections and providing continuous value to amazing like-minded people.⁠

    Get Feedback

    Regularly ask your community for feedback on your content. This shows your community that you value their opinion and are committed to continuously sharing valuable content.

    Analyze Interactions

    Go beyond vanity metrics. Dive into your analytics to understand which types of interactions lead to meaningful relationships. After, make sure to adjust your strategy accordingly.

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    Prepare Ahead. Schedule appointments ahead of time.
    Present Yourself Well. Always stand when you introduce yourself.
    Always Be Ready to Give Your Pitch.
    Ask Questions and Listen Actively.
    Ask for Help.
    Expand Your Online Presence.
    Be Conscious of Your Digital Image.
    Do Your Research.

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