Hi, we have the following high traffic special offer for you:

Fujitsu Dual-Core E5500, 2GB DDR3, 320GB and many other configurations
20 GB backup space
15 minute ping monitoring with automatic manual reset
1 IP address

with 32000 GB traffic/month: only 165 EURO/month, 120 EURO setup

with 6400 GB traffic/month: only 120 EURO/month
with 64000 GB traffic/month: only 360 EURO/month
with 640000 GB traffic/month: only 1820 EURO/month

Contract term: 3 months
Initial prepayment: 3 months

Order URL: http://www.1gbit.info/brandserver.ph...ode=1278861547

More configurations and order form: http://www.1gbit.info/services.php

Commonly asked options:
DirectAdmin: 18 EURO/month
cPanel/WHM: 38 EURO/month
Plesk Plus: 70 EURO/month
Windows 2003/2008 Web: 15 EURO/month
Windows 2003/2008 Standard 25 EURO/month


Where are the servers located?
The servers are located in Budapest, Hungary, EU.

Do you accept adult content?
Yes, legal adult content is allowed. IRC is fine as well.

Can I test your network?
Test IP:
Test file (200MB): http://www.1gbit.info/testfile

How much does reset cost?
Reset requests initiated on a web-interface are executed 24/7 free of charge!

What are your connection providers?
Interoute, MCI, Jasmin Media Group (DoclerNetworks), Telia, DTAG, BIX and private peerings.
Total available bandwidth is 55 Gbit/sec.

How long does it take till I get my server?
The maximum setup time is 1 week, but most of our special servers are online within 72 hours.

Can you colocate my own server?
Sure, please contact us with your needs and server parameters and we will give you a quote within 24 hours!