We offer support in English & Spanish. All plans have FREE instant setup.

Fantastico Deluxe script autoinstaller comes FREE with all packages! Get your forum, online store, adserver, and much more working with only a few clicks! check our website or contacts us to see all it can do.

NOW WITH RVSKIN TOO! Your control panel available in 18 LANGUAGES!

All plans include extra features, like Cpanel 9, PHP, Perl, Cgi, unlimited emails & ftp accounts, etc.

And if you need more space or bandwith, you can get it without need of going to a higher plan!

NEW Mini Plan
- 100MB Storage
- 1,000 MB Transfer
- Limited to 5 email adresses (all other plans have unlimited emails)
- Free INSTANT Setup!
- $1/Month

To order, visit https://www.getyourhost.com/clients/step_one.php?gid=1, the plan is at the bottom of the page.

Beginner Plan
- 300 MB Storage
- 3,000 MB Transfer
- Free INSTANT Setup!
- $1.95/Month

For more information or to order, visit www.GetYourHost.com or email us info@GetYourHost.com

Advanced Plan
- 900 MB Storage
- 10,000 MB Transfer
- Free INSTANT Setup!
- $5.95/Month

For more information or to order, visit www.GetYourHost.com or email us info@GetYourHost.com

Professional Plan
- 1,500 MB Storage
- 15,000 MB Transfer
- Free Setup!
- $9.95/Month

For more information or to order, visit www.GetYourHost.com or email us info@GetYourHost.com

Premium plan
- 3,000 MB Storage
- 30,000 MB Transfer
- Free INSTANT Setup!
- $19.95/Month

Domain Name Registration For Only $9.95/Year!
Starter SSL with FREE install for 29$! GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, with Smart Seal, for 149$, with FREE install!

Some questions we already had, with their answers:

Q: How can I trust you? Whatís your experience?
www.GetYourHost.com is a venture started by our parent company, www.FactoriaDigital.com (specialized in business hosting with handholding support at a reasonable price) to serve different needs & different markets.

We are a legally established company in Europe, where legally establishing a company is not a one day process neither it is cheap.

We have been established since more than 1 year now and we are financially stable since day one.

Apart from that, the few workers we are (4) have all real working experience in business, computing & internet field.

So no, we arenít a fly-by-night company, and yes, you can trust us.

We offer you good service AND good price, don't choose when you can get all. Most importantly, we are here to stay and are a trustable company.

You can contact us via the following mediums, we can solve any doubt you have about our packages or make you a custom quote so you can get the best for your hosting desires

Website: www.getyourhost.com

E-mail: info@getyourhost.com

Please take in mind we are at UTC+1 (also known as CET) so we may be offline during night hours in that timezone.

Q: What payments methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal AND Credit Card. Bank transfer & Mail In payments are accepted too, but of course no instant setup for them.

Q: On what datacenter are you located?
The Planet

Q: Can we get bigger or custom plans?
YES. Contact us with your requirements and we will work a good deal for you.

Q: What do you mean with limited support?
We donít offer support for questions like "How do I FTP" or "How do I set up e-mail", that way we are able to cut the largest expense in webhosting business.
In the other hand, we will help you for complex questions, like the process of moving from your old server to ours, and of course we monitorize constantly our servers.

Q: Do you overload servers?
No, we don't overload servers. We closely monitor server usage and setup new servers when needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail info@GetYourHost.com or PM us.

PS: Please take in mind we are at UTC+1 timezone (Europe), so you may get some delay in replys during night time in europe.