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    Quote Originally Posted by jackdalson View Post
    Security of your site is the main reason to look at dedicated hosting. In a shared environment, there is always the possibility that someone else with a website on your server will find a way to crack into your account, exposing your company and your client data. This can be a major concern for companies that store customer credit card numbers in databases that reside on the server.

    Cost effectiveness is another important aspect of dedicated hosting. Instead of having to pay for costly add-ons, additional disk space and bandwidth, you can usually find a dedicated hosting plan that offers these features for less money than you would have to pay by adding on extras.
    1-Flexibility and control
    2-Administrative powers
    3-Increased security
    4-Unique IP address
    5-Reliability and performance

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    A dedicated server use the force and versatility. With a dedicated server, your business understands a compound profit for its month to month interest in the accompanying manners:

    1. Exclusive Use Of Dedicated Resources
    2. Flexibility Managing Your Growing Business
    3. Improved Reliability and Performance
    4. Security Through Data Separation
    5. No Capital or Upfront Expense

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    The dedicated servers are really good, and I am always using them in all of my projects. It has a lot of benefits, that are already written above. I definitely agree with all of you, guys. The dedicated servers are the best option for any business. However, if you have some resource-intensive projects, it is better to use bare metal. For those who still don't know what is bare metal, it's a server that doesn't have any operational system, and works with a computer software knows as hypervisors. It may be composed from many dedicated servers. It's pretty difficult to handle such a server, but it's considered the fastest and most protected type of servers.
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    advantage of dedicate server

    A dedicated server is a machine that is assigned for use by a single client. It contains lots of advantages. Some of the advantages among them are flexibility, scalability, and better management of your own as well as customers ' growth.

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    Advantages of dedicated server
    2.Unique IP Address
    4.Hassle-free Maintenance
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    There are some advantages to choosing a dedicated hosting:

    1. Server resources are not shared
    2. Enhanced performance and security
    3. Flexibility
    4. Unique IP address
    5. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

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