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    4 Super Steps To Making A Living Online


    Find one niche, and one niche only! This will give people a sense that you are “master” in your field. This will help you attain credibility. An entire website about how to drive traffic with Twitter is a good example of a narrow niche. Another example is a Clickbank “success guide” website. Or a website solely about how to article market. All great examples!

    2) Create A Website On That Narrow Niche

    Create a website on one narrow niche. Again, take for example a page about how to drive traffic with twitter. Create your website full of valuable information on your topic. You may even consider creating a forum on your website for your topic of discussion (in this case, a twitter forum!)

    3) Traffic

    The next step after choosing a very narrow niche, is to drive traffic to your website! Without exposure, your site will get no where! Target high quality traffic!

    4) Create A List

    Building a list is very, very important! Why? Consider the following: Did you know it takes about 5-6 interactions before a customer will buy your product! No wonder marketing plans start out slow huh?

    To make sales you need to be in contact with your potential viewer’s more than just one time before the majority will take any action!

    Now to recap what we have learned.

    1) Choose A Profitable Niche - If you are planning to make a living online, a narrow is just not enough, it must also be profitable!

    2) Create A Website Or Webpage - Creating a narrow niche website will increase your credibility and portray you as a master in that field, increasing the likelihood of customer sales.

    3) Quality Traffic – Traffic is useless unless it’s quality traffic! Be sure you are targeting people who would be interested in your website and products!

    4) Create A List – A list is important as it can take up to 5-6 interactions with potential buyers before they take some sort of action!

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    Thanks for sharing, but I'm sure the success of a website can't be resumed to those four steps. There are other aspects to be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, your post was an interesting read.

    Regarding the 2nd point, I know several people who haven't chosen a narrow niche, and yet managed to have a lot of traffic. In fact, in my opinion it's more challenging to do SEO when the niche is wider. Wide niches have a proven market need which may or may not be currently satisfied 100% with the products or services available.

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    Yes this is a good article. I think no matter at what level you are this is a good organization for success.
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    Pretty good article, contains lot of useful information.

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    It's very useful for beginners.
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