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    What is the "Apache" among email-servers?

    I have a unix virtual server with LAMPP. Works fine, but lacks email server. Apache is the most popular and free web server. What is the "Apache" among mail servers? (Should support protocolls: POP3, SMTP, IMAP).

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    Dear i just would like to say The Apache James Project delivers a rich set of open source modules and libraries, written in Java, related to Internet mail communication which build into an advanced enterprise mail server.

    All are welcome to the Community! We recommend that Users, Developers, Curious and Fans subscribe to the James mailing lists and follow @ApacheJames on Twitter.

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    Apache is the program on the server that the client "talks to" to fetch web pages, when you go to a web site, Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer asks the computer that web site is on for the web page, Apache returns the web page/images/etc. Apache is used by about 60% because it is free and secure, there are other web servers you can run, like Microsoft IIS which is a little less secure (generally) and costs real money.
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    Hope the below link could helps you,

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    The Apache HTTP Server, colloquially called Apache, is the world's most used web server software. Originally based on the NCSA HTTPd server, development of Apache began in early 1995 after work on the NCSA code stalled

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    Apache James, a.k.a. Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server or some variation thereof, is an open source SMTP and POP3 mail transfer agent and NNTP news server written entirely in Java. ... IMAP support has been added as of preview version 3.0-M2, which now requires Java 1.5 or later.

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