As an experienced systems administrator I have earned local success in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina through the promotion of Rooket Technology ( With this success I have grown with a small team of technicians. Our plan is to expand further and reach others remotely. I feel we have skills and talent which can benefit anyone who owns and/or operates servers/PC's.

Our focus is basic level services, which can aid and support any business, web host, or infrastructure on a month-to-month basis. These basic level services are tedious processes which are normally overlooked, but needed in any organization or infrastructure to keep a healthy technical environment. Each of these processes will increase the life of your computer system(s).

To connect remotely we use LogMeIn services, which is the perfect solution for what we do - no additional cost to you.

Supported systems
-Windows 2000, XP, 2003

$35 per server/PC per month
$75 per server setup fee (one-time fee)
Discounts for bulk servers/PC's (inquire within)
No Hidden Fees, No Extra Cost
No contracts (unless requested)


---24/7 Monitoring (w/ email notification)---
CPU Utilization Alerting
Memory Alerting
Disk Space Alerting
System Uptime Alerting
Custom Application Alerting
Custom Service Alerting
Custom Event Alerting

---Monthly Maintenance---
Virus scan and removal
Adware/spyware scan and removal
Event Log Troubleshooting
Software/Hardware audit
Software/Hardware analysis & tuning
Network analysis & tuning
Security analysis & tuning
Disk cleanup
System defrag (as needed)
System updates/patches/hotfixes (as needed)
Application updates/patches/hotfixes (as needed)

**Custom support, maintenance, management, and services are available. If you have specialized requirements not found here then please inquire within.

The remote services is a new venture for us. More services will become available as we gain momentum and expand in this industry.

To take advantage of these services, please PM me or email


Anthony Onafowora Jr.
(919) 699-6491