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    Smart Data Recovery 4.4 - Recover All YOUR Deleted FILES!

    Smart Data Recovery 4.4 - Recover All YOUR Deleted FILES!


    Smart Data Recovery is a data recovery tool for Windows operating system that supports the FAT and NTFS file systems.The Data Recovery is an effective and powerful, easy-to-use software program that enables the recovery of lost data.

    Smart Data Recovery is compatible with almost all kinds of data storage - from computer hard drives to digital cameras. It also supports flash drives, USB drives, floppy disks, memory sticks, PC cards, multimedia cards, and secure digital cards. The Data Recovery is able to restore all sorts of files, including electronic documents and pictures. It restores files from FAT32 and NTFS hard drives, has really simple interface and is compatible with Windows operations systems. Our aim is to prevent information loss, and prevent you from wasting your time and money. For different reasons, important documents and user files are sometimes lost. Without a recovery tool for documents and files, this may become a huge problem (one that leads to considerable inconveniences, and requires expensive solutions).

    Smart Data Recovery applies a simple yet powerful algorithm, which makes it possible to restore your lost data quickly and effectively.

    The Data Recovery can recover any deleted files, including MS Office files, images, mp3, and zip files!

    Recovering data lost due to system malfunction or user error requires hours of work preceded by hours of research from unsuspecting victims. Educate yourself about possible ways to recover data from damaged disks and corrupted flash memory cards before the failure happens.

    While there is no lack of data recovery tools on the market, downloading and trying one after another is the worst idea ever. A badly executed unsuccessful attempt to recover lost files can and does cause irreparable damage to corrupted data.

    How would you choose the right data recovery tool to do the job? There are several criteria to data recovery software that you should be aware of. First, there are tools designed to recover your files and data, such as Office documents, archives, pictures and other stuff, and there are tools that repair the damaged disk structures such as the file system (FAT or NTFS), MBR and partition table. Note that the second class of recovery tools cares little about what happens to your data, often messing up with your files while repairing the damaged system structures.

    Second, if you are new to data recovery, you need a tool that is as easy to use as possible. You don't want data recovery tools advertised as 'professional', as only the real professionals can benefit from using those. Let us be honest: you're more likely to screw things up with these tools as they deliberately lack any protection against possibly disruptive actions on your side.

    Third, get only those tools that can demonstrate their ability to recover data instead of taking their word on it.

    Smart Data Recovery by Smart PC Solutions is a perfect solution for rush data recovery. If you have no specialized experience in data recovery, but need your data back right away with no risk, Smart Data Recovery is an ideal tool for you.

    Fixing your files and recovering your data, Smart Data Recovery is designed as a fully fool-proof solution. A simple step-by-step wizard guides you through the recovery process, asking you questions that are easy to understand and to answer, such as asking you to pick a disk that contains files to recover. To make things run even smoother, Smart Data Recovery has a U3/USB edition that runs from a flash memory card, minimizing unnecessary writes to the damaged disk.

    Smart Data Recovery can often recover files even if your disk has been reformatted (on FAT formatted disks). Smart Data Recovery can recover data from disks formatted with all versions of FAT or NTFS. The pre-recovery preview demonstrates you exactly what the recovered file will look like, making you sure that the recovery is actually possible. Don't take our word on it!

    Compatible Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows® 7


    GetData Recover My Files v4.6.6.830 Professional


    Recover deleted files emptied from the recycle bin or deleted due to a virus infection, the format of a hard drive or software crash. Recover My Files data recovery software will easily recover deleted files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin, or lost due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure. It has full options to search Windows temporary folders and can even locate and recover files that have never been saved! Recover My Files data recovery software requires no special technical skill.
    Recover My Files is fast and easy. No technical or data recovery software skills are required to undelete files. Use Recover My Files to perform hard drive data recovery, or if you are trying to unformat and recover data from floppy disk, zip drive, smart media, compact flash or other removable media. It is easy disk recovery software to undelete files and get data back.

    Recover My Files data recovery software will find any type of file, but includes specific support for more than 300 file types in the following broad categories:
    . Recover deleted email
    . Recover deleted documents
    . Recover deleted archives
    . Digital Photo recovery
    . Recover deleted music and video

    Recover My Files is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP and Vista and works with FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5 file-systems.

    With a deleted file the data content of the file is rarely destroyed. Even if Windows file reference information has been destroyed, Recover My Files scans the data at a low level to locate "Lost Files" by their internal file structure. This allows Recover My Files to recover deleted files that other data recovery software can never know exist.

    Professional data recovery software for:
    . Deleted Files;
    . Lost Files;
    . Formatted Disks;
    . RAW Disks;
    . Missing Drive Letters;
    . Windows Reinstalls.

    Safe, secure and reliable. Designed specifically to allow home and business users to quickly and simply recover data. Simple to use, with a full file preview window for recovered files.

    Recover My Files is the perfect recovery tool for:
    . Hard drives
    . USB drives
    . External storage units
    . Digital camera storage media
    . CDs and DVDs

    Recover My Files V4 supports recovery from a wide range of Filesystems:
    . FAT16 - an early version of the FAT Filesystem, now rarely used
    . FAT32 - common for external storage media and digital camera equipment
    . exFAT - (Extended File Allocation Table), a proprietary file system suited especially for flash drives
    . GPT - GUID Partition Table, a standard for the layout of the partition table on a physical hard disk
    . NTFS - Standard files system for Windows Vista, Windows 7
    . CDFS - CD/DVD file systems (Coming Soon)
    . MAC - HFS (Coming Soon)
    . EXT2 - Linux (Coming Soon)
    . RAID - RAID JBOD, 0, 1, 5, hardware and software

    No Pass!

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    Thank you very much for sharing this software for recovering deleted files.

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    Thanks for the detailed information about Smart Data Recovery 4.4. I'd never heard of this tool before this post. And just recently needed to recover some deleted files from the hard drive, but Recuva can't cope with this. I'm thinking of trying another file recovery tool and if it doesn't help, contact the raid data recovery service. I think they will definitely help me. But I will try to use the tool you are talking about before going to the service. You described every moment concerning it in such detail, thank a million, and I hope this soft will help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garagebondit View Post
    Thank you very much for sharing this software for recovering deleted files.
    Recently, I was also concerned about recovering deleted files. A large number of files were mistakenly deleted on the desktop. I used Partition Recovery to recover this data, it worked.
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    Thanks for this interesting information!

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