ON April 08 2006 I ordered a Dedicated server from Leaseweb.com

This is what I ordered:

I Chenbro RO 114 (generic 1U server) 119,00 eu per month
P4 2.4ghz
2 X 200GB HD
1GB DDR 4 Ram

Rackspace 10,00 eu
Bandwith 3mbps pipe 30,00eu
APC port 9,99 eu
16 IPs 16,00eu
cPanel 29,00eu
Fantastico 3,50eu
Total 226,49 eu per month

They made me pay for 3 months in advance. Total I paid via paypal was 652,47 eu. They did not turn on the server until April17. On May 17 they shut us down for none payment and said I now owed a extra 304eu. That the 652 eu covered May 1-July 1 and that I owed 304eu for Aprl 17 to May 1st. So they shut me down and now wat 425 eu to bring my servers back online.

SO they now have me as a hostage. No where when I signe dup with leaseweb did they say they would charge me for 2 weeks more then what it would cost me per month.

Does this make since to any one out there? I can not afford to pay an extra 304 eu plus 125 eu to turn it abck on now. SO I am screwed all my data is gone for my customers. I have lost it all becuase of a provider that scams its clients.