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    How do firewalls work?


    can anyone tell me how do firewalls work?

    share your answer..


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    If you are asking about the a Hardware firewall, then it keeps the server secure from DDOS which is considered to be the most malicious attack over Internet. Dedicated firewall keeps your server secured against DDOS attack. Different Dedicated firewalls have different DDOS capacities.

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    Even a dedicated firewall offers limited prevention against DDOS attack say upto 4-5 mbps of volume. In case you have huge DDOS attack, you need to opt for some other options like Proxy shield.
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    Firewalls use one or more of three methods to control traffic flowing in and out of the network:

    1. Packet filtering - Packets (small chunks of data) are analyzed against a set of filters. Packets that make it through the filters are sent to the requesting system and all others are discarded.
    2. Proxy service - Information from the Internet is retrieved by the firewall and then sent to the requesting system and vice versa.
    3. Stateful inspection - A newer method that doesn't examine the contents of each packet but instead compares certain key parts of the packet to a database of trusted information. Information traveling from inside the firewall to the outside is monitored for specific defining characteristics, then incoming information is compared to these characteristics. If the comparison yields a reasonable match, the information is allowed through. Otherwise it is discarded.
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    We all need security be it at our home or in our business. At home, walls protect us from rain, sunlight, and storms; firewalls act as a shield to protect a system or network from unwanted access. But, how do these firewalls work to secure the network?

    When a Managed Cloud firewall protects your computer, everything that enters and leaves is monitored. The firewall tracks all this data flow, allowing only 'reliable data' to pass through while preventing 'unauthorized data' from invading your computer.

    To manage inbound and outbound traffic, firewalls employ the following three methods:

    1. Packet Filter
    2. Proxy
    3. Stateful Inspection

    Inbound traffic from insecure or suspected sites is thoroughly evaluated by firewalls in an effort to prevent cyberattacks and filter traffic based on previously defined rules. So, one way of protection is through your network, and the other is through the proxy
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    Firewalls play a vital role in protecting your system. It monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic on your device. If someone tries to get into your device without permission, the firewall will block them, and if an app on your device tries to send out data to an unknown network location, the firewall will block that app too.
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