Best Joomla Auction Components with Tremendous Features

This Joomla Auction Component helps Users to have the new experience of biding online. Users can bid for the products they want and the user who bid at last will win the product. Also, user can upload their own products from the front end and it will avilable for biding.

The Joomla Multivendor Component that is included in this suite will help create the SEO edge that you need to see your website succeed. You can also add these Joomla extensions on to other Joomla extensions for the best results.

Some of the Features of Joomla Auction and Joomla Multivendor are listed below.

Following are the features available in the Joomla auction component :

  • Products – The products created by the admin will be displayed with all the details of the product.
  • category – Products can be view according to the categories created.
  • Watchlist – Users can select the products by clicking the watchlist icon in the left hand side of the bid button, so that they can view the biding of the products they want.
  • Biding – Registered user will have minimum amount of bids count to bid for a product.
  • Buy Bids – Users can buy the bids for the price mentioned by the admin.
  • Countdown – Ther’s a time limit for all the products which admin can set for each products.
  • Winner – The user who bids at the end of the specified time limit will get the product in their account.
  • Buy product – After won the product in the bidding, user can buy the product in my account page.
  • Payment Gateway – Users can get their card by making the payment. This supports Pay Pal payment gateway, that makes the payment secured and easy to pay. User will receive the notification email about the payment after the payment is done.
  • Email System – Once payment is made the details are send to the administrator via advanced email system. Email also contains payment details, product details and the user detail.

Back end Features List:
  • Admin can set the commission for products uploaded by users
  • Email notification is send to the admin when the user uploads his/her own product at front-end.
  • The options for the automatic approval for the product of the user is added.
  • The option for whether to send the email notification to admin after the product is sold from the front end is added.
  • The commission value can be added in the format of percentage
  • Added the option for inserting minimum rate for the product to get the commission after when the product sold.
  • Global Configuratin – Admin can set the width of the product countdown box and option to remove footer text.
  • Category – Admin can create unlimited number of categories for the products.
  • Products – You can add/edit/delete any number of products under each categories.
  • Timer Option – You can set the time limit for the biding of the product with the time buffer option
  • Images – You can upload the images for the products and

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