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    A dedicated server is that type of server where its resources are not shared and are completely exclusive to its user. It offers benefits such as higher performance, greater access control, enhanced security, and so on. Physical access to dedicated servers is not available.

    Whereas, Co-location means that you keep your own physical server at a facility of the Co-location provider. Here the provider takes care of the entire physical server colocated at the Data Center including uninterrupted power supply, internet connection, safety, infrastructure facilities, and physical access to the DC.

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    Colocation hosting:

    Colocation is a highly secured data center facility. It is beneficial if you have sensitive data; it will be secure. With colocation hosting, you own your server, whereas with managed to host, the server is owned by your hosting provider. If you have a business, then, as a result, colocation is popular for businesses seeking the profit of a larger internal IT department without suffering the costs of a managed service provider.

    Dedicated hosting:

    Everyone knows that Dedicated servers have always been in demand and are considered the most reliable option. In addition, dedicated servers give you the authorization to lease or own the entire server. Dedicated servers have proven to be more secure and redundant technology in which you have the comfort of having full control over the server.


    There is no specific way to say which is better because both have good services and advantages; it depends on your use and budget. If you have a tight budget, then you can use dedicated hosting. And If you have resources, then colocation hosting is the best choice.

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    From what i been reading everyone has giving solid advice. At this point also is what is your investment on this. That will determine the out come of your choosing.
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    Dedicated servers have always been popular and are the most dependable alternative. To run a website or some small services then it is definitely the way to go. then all the maintenance, monitoring, upgrades and backups will not be your problem.

    If security is an issue or you want specialized hardware then start to look at colocation. in colocation, you keep your own physical server at a facility of the service provider.

    I personally believe, for most applications, a dedicated hosting service of a reliable host like AEserver is the best option. Unless your needs are very unique, or you have extreme security needs.

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