JE Question and answers(Joomla 1.6 & 1.7 - Native)

Joomla Question and Answer is a Q&A Component, It allows user to post questions under various categories.In addition users can reply to the posted questions like forum threads. Easy to use! You can Use your already typed content items. User-friendly features, easy configuration of back-end house!!.

Major Features in Jomla question and answer component :-

  • Admin and Guest can post questions.
  • Automatically send E-Mail notification to the User and the admin.
  • Display all questions in the Front End.
  • Search
  • Registered and Guest user can add a new category from the frontend.
  • User can add related tags for every questions.
  • Soring Latest questions, votes(hits) and unanswered questions.
  • For each answer we can leave a review(bad,good,excellent).
  • Details page for each question and answer.
  • Total number of answers posted every questions.
  • Users can edit their own questions.
  • By default the questions can be expired in 30days.
  • Registered users can add reply for the questions.
  • View all tags at the Front-End with search.
  • Sort the questions based on tags.
  • Profile page for registered users.
  • Registered and guest user can view the published questions and answers in the front end.
  • Support form validation.

Back end Features :-

  • Admin can (Add/Edit/Delete/Unpublish/Publish) questions through back end.
  • From the backend,admin can change the number of days the question to expires.
  • Admin Add/edit/delete the categories from the back end.
  • Admin can add multiple answers for a single question.

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