JE FAQ Pro (Compatible with joomla 1.5 & 1.6 & 1.7)

Joomla faq component is an easy to use but powerful and excellent FAQ management. Our core competency from our front end and backend features will make you to sit suitable because we take care of your needs in the FAQ Joomla component needs. This is where we extending the suitability in Joomla.

Here comes some extra features in Joomla FAQ Pro - 1.5.5
Sorting feature :-
  • Sort by ordering ( latest first or last )
  • Sort by id ( Ascending or Descending )
  • Sort by Questions & Category ( Ascending or Descending )

Here comes the new features included in JE FAQ Pro 1.5.3 :-
  • This is the version has developed to supports joomla default search module to search the faq's or the categories.
  • Also fixed the "error on page" remarks in IE Browsers.

Features of JE FAQ Pro Ė 1.5.2

The following themes supports multi line questions,
  1. Light White
  2. Medium Purple Arrow
  3. Light Steel Blue
  4. Light Yellow Circle
  5. Linen Arrow in Circle
  6. Black Triangle
  7. Sunshine
  8. Moderation
  9. Multi High Spiritual
  10. Multi line Freshness
  11. Multi Strength and Endurance

Others themes will support ONLY a single line questions with multi line answers.

Front end Feature List:

  • JE FAQ Pro component supports sh404 component for user friendly url.
  • JE FAQ Pro component supports to translate all the major languages through the joomfish component.
  • Users can view the different type of themes design depending upon the selections from the back end.
  • User can add the questions from the front end
  • Link directly to a FAQ category from a menu item
  • We can see the published questions and answers in the front end.
  • We can make separate order from the back end using ordering.
  • The page title that is given in the back end will be the same displayed in the front end.
  • Multiple view modes for FAQ list clicking a category takes you to a different page with FAQ list

Back end Features :

  • Add different categories from the back end
  • Admin side we have separate controller "Global settings", here the admin can change the settings for email, front end displays, views &¬ especially¬ themes.
  • Admin can able to see the preview for each theme.
  • We can enter number of questions and comments.
  • Adding any number of images inside any number of questions.
  • You can decide which one should come in 1st and which one comes in 2nd and 3rd from the backend.
  • Can Edit the HTML code more user friendly.
  • Add links and anchor tags.
  • Also you can simply un-publish any FAQ, if you donít want to show it to the front end.
  • Easily adaptable for alignment of text and formatting like alignments, indentation, bullets list.. etc
  • Font formatting : type, size, color, style, bold, italic.. etc
  • Also can color it, size it with other formatting list.
  • Very much compatible for Joomla!ô 1.5 version.

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