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    How can I go about changing SERPs?

    The cartage armament on my website is abbreviating regularly; and so a lot of humans will as well accepts my abridgement of activity in this matter. For a webmaster, it is anytime auspicious to see abbreviating in the numbers of his web visitors no matter what the reason is. However, I anticipate Google is amenable for this fall. I canít explain abundant how black this is for me. The website after-effects accept been black of backward even afterwards I am done with every advantage for announcement it everywhere. I had top expectations from it, but anon did not see abundant achievement from it in any way. Can one acquaint me if there is annihilation that I can do to fix this problem?

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    Google Rewards Quality Content
    First of all, what do we mean by new ranking factors? And what is the relationship between new factors and content marketing?

    One of Google’s biggest changes in recent memory happened in January 2016. The Google Panda update, a filter first released in 2011 to prevent websites with low-quality content from ranking in SERPs, was assimilated into the core ranking algorithm.

    This change marked the official end of the dreaded “Panda updates” that haunted marketers and SEO specialists for nearly 5 years. This means that Google would no longer schedule tweaks or adjustments to the filter. Instead, Panda is now an ongoing and important factor that impacts how all websites rank in SERPs. To ensure our sites satisfy Panda, we must always produce the best possible content and optimize the quality of older content to earn the strongest ranking signals.

    This is part of Google’s shift towards real-time ranking algorithms to provide even better results for search queries. Google’s Gary Illyes recently stated that the upcoming Penguin update, a sister filter to Panda, will likely be the last of its kind as Google intends to fold Penguin into the core ranking algorithm (like Panda). This all comes on the heels of RankBrain, an artificial intelligence program developed and released by Google in the fall of 2015 that marked the shift towards a real-time ranking algorithm. RankBrain is now one of the most important ranking factors affecting SERP results and is even more influential than Panda or Penguin.

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