, shared and reseller web host since 1999 has announced the launch of two new products and services.

Remote Backup Software and Desktop Alert Services.

Remote Backup Software

Businesses today are becoming increasingly reliant on data and storage of data. Unfortunately this means that you are at the mercy of your storage solution - and in the real world, things are known to go wrong.

It is therefore as important as ever that you plan and secure your data in the event of hardware failures. Remote Backup 1.4 from allows users to do just that. Automatically schedule monthly, weekly and daily backup operations for files, folders and entire drives to an external location over FTP, ensuring an absolute precaution should you and your business hit the dreaded worse-case-scenario.

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Desktop Alert Services

Desktop Alert services are a recent trend in communication technologies - and recent developments have seen their popularity soar. now offers Desktop Alert services, a service specifically aimed at the business sector.

Publish richly formatted messages to desktops with very little effort - all without the risks of viruses and spam. Users can send to tens, hundreds or even thousands of computers. It is a quicker, more reliable and more secure way to deliver communication to your company computers.

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